Save more money with RE.minder 2.1!

We're happy to announce that RE.minder 2.1 is finally through review and ready for prime time! This new version of RE.minder adds a couple new features that you've been asking for quite some time now.

RE.minder updates:

  • Day of the week is now listed in the date in RE.minder cells
  • Next repeating RE.minder can now be skipped without sending all to history
  • General performance improvements
  • 3 new content packs!
    • Musical Sound Pack 2 adds 20 new musical selections. (99¢)
    • Rock Sound Pack adds 16 rockin' sound selections. (99¢)
    • Miscellaneous 2 Icon Pack adds another 18 quick picker icons. (99¢)

But that's not all, the PROs get some great new features in this update as well!

RE.minder PRO updates:

  • Pull down on the RE.minder list to see the options for quiet time. Silence all reminders with a quick pull and tap.
  • We've added Tappable links, phone numbers and addresses in notes. Just enter something in your notes and we'll automatically detect it.
  • Do you like to get bugged? You can now choose a default Bug Me value to be applied to all new RE.minders.

As always, RE.minder is totally free and you have several options for adding content and features. If you decide to add features via In App Puchase, just visit the store from the info tab. You can get all PRO features for just $2.99 and add-on content packs for 99¢ each.

But for those of you who like to pay once and get it all, RE.minder PRO+ is now only $8.99! That's a dollar cheaper than it was before, plus you also get all 3 new content packs in addition to all the original content packs AND all RE.minder PRO features! When you get RE.minder PRO+, you save $4 off what you would have to pay to get everything separately, and you're also covered for any new content that comes out in that wild and wonderious future time, when zombies and terminators rule the wasteland!

Thank You!

The apps of the .minder family (RE.minder, RE.minder PRO+ and GAME.minder) have been downloaded more than 540 thousand times! That number makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. RE.minder 2.1 is our best RE.minder yet, and we think you're gonna love it as much as we do.

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