Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions about our games! We're happy to hear from you, but please check here first. It's likely your question has already been asked and answered.

If you don't see an answer to your question below and still need to contact us directly, you can do so here.

If you have a question about Sentinels of the Multiverse, check the FAQ page.

If you have a question about One Deck Dungeon, check the One Deck Dungeon FAQ page.

I bought one of your games for Steam (or iOS, or Android) Do I get it for iOS (or Steam or Android)?

A purchase of one of our games is good on the store where you made your purchase and does not transfer to other stores. It would be best to decide where you want to play and plan your purchase accordingly. For instance, a purchase on Steam allows you to play on Windows, Mac, and SteamOS/Linux computers signed in with your Steam account. A purchase for iOS allows you to play on any iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch linked to your Apple account.

How about the DLC?

See above.

Can I download the game on another device or system of the same kind once I’ve purchased it?

If you have purchased a game for your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch), you are able to download the game at no additional cost on another iOS device so long as the new device is logged in to the same account where the original purchase was made. The same goes for Android devices (phone or tablet) and for Steam (desktop or laptop).

Please note that DLC cannot be shared across devices when using iOS App Store Family Sharing, only the base game. This is an Apple policy that is not in our control. If you wish to share DLC you have purchased across devices in your household, you will have to sign in and download them without using Family Sharing.

Sharing purchases does not work across different platforms, such as trying to download the same purchase on an iPhone and an Android phone. Only iOS to iOS or Android to Android, etc.

But Star Realms (or Small World)…

We understand that there are a couple of games out there that that let you pay once and play anywhere. However, these games are the exception in video games, rather than the rule. Almost every for-pay video game in history and at present works the way our games work. Just imagine walking into GameStop with your Xbox One copy of Call of Duty and asking for the PS4 version for free. 

Porting a game to more platforms costs a significant amount of money, development time, and dedicated testing & support staff -- each one really is a separate product. In order to support a “pay once, play anywhere” model, additional significant investment in server infrastructure and code is required. We have not been made aware of the financial model that Star Realms is using, and if they can be profitable with such a model, that’s awesome for them! 

At Handelabra Games, we cannot afford to give our products away for free and we don’t believe that we should. We are a small team, and while we’re thrilled with how well our games are currently selling, they are not AAA titles with millions in marketing and development budgets. We are proud to make quality products, we charge a fair price and every single sale counts.

When is game/feature X coming out?

If you are curious to know about upcoming features, we recommend following us on your favorite social media like Facebook or Twitter, or watching our Live Streams on or YouTube. If you ask us about a specific feature, we will likely respond with the same list of things to follow.

I found a bug!

Oh no! Before doing anything else, please check the Known Issues board on Trello to make sure that we’re not already aware of the issue.

If the bug you’ve uncovered is not listed among the known issues or FAQ you should definitely report it, following good bug reporting etiquette. What does that mean? Any good bug report should include the following:

  • The behavior you expected to see

  • The behavior you actually saw

  • Steps to reproduce the error. If we can’t reproduce the error here, we can’t fix it!

  • The platform & version of the game you’re playing

  • Screenshots showing what happened and the state of the game

You can report a problem or make a suggestion from in-game in the credits screen or main menu using the Feedback button, which will send us an email with some technical details automatically filled in. Or, use our feedback form here.

Please do not send a message with multiple bugs as it makes it difficult for us to track the issue. Send individual messages for each problem to make it easier for us to improve the game you love. Likewise, please do not reply to our emails with different new bugs you’ve found for the same reason. Sending a new message will help us keep track of the different bugs.

The game is crashing! I have an old device and it’s slow!

The game may be crashing due to memory pressure on your device. We're working on improving the memory pressure issues in future updates. In the meantime, you can try the following steps that have worked well for others.

  • Turn off animations in the options.

  • Turn off the environment backgrounds and/or character portraits in the options.

  • Turn off the animated foil effects in the options.

  • Restart your device to clear the memory.

Can I request a refund from Handelabra Games?

Refunds must be dealt with through the store they were purchased from, as we have no control over their return policies and procedures. Meaning, purchases made through Amazon, Apple, Google Play, and Steam MUST go through them. For purchases made through our online store, please contact us.

See each of their help sections below for more information about their refund policies.



Google Play:


I have a suggestion/idea I’d like to share with you!

Awesome! We love hearing suggestions and feedback from the community. Head over to our Contact page and select “to give a suggestion” from the drop down menu. This way we will for sure see it.

What about a contact method for business inquiries?

I present: The Contact page.

Can I say “hi” to you guys?

Abso-FREAKING-lutely! Buddy, pal, don’t be shy. Pop us a friendly message and just say hi! Any time of the day, week, or year, your jolly hellos are something we love to hear.

Send us a message on Facebook, Twitter, or even through the Contact page (we’ve got a drop down menu item for that too)! *winky face*

What is your streaming/"let’s play" policy for your games?

Handelabra Games believes in creating community. As such, we encourage you to stream, share, “Let’s Play”, etc. All we ask is that you let us know where you are streaming or posting your videos… so we can share them too!

You are also free to monetize your videos of Handelabra’s games. We believe we have taken the necessary steps to make sure you won’t get any copyright notices from the various streaming sites but if you do, please contact us so we can help get them removed.