Over the years we've done a bunch of cosplays from our games... and so have our wonderful community! If you have a cosplay of a character from one of our games and you'd like to be featured on this page, send us your photo through our contact page, Twitter, or Discord! If you see yourself on this page, let us know so we can link to your social media or plate your name below the photo :) Cheers, and happy costuming!

PAX East 2017 - Jeremy as Luminary

PAX East 2017 - Mhysa as Unity

GenCon 2016 - Super Scientific Tachyon and The Matriarch

GenCon 2016 - La Capitan

GenCon 2016 - Jodie as Christopher Badell

GenCon 2017  - Zach as Bottom of the 9th Setback

GenCon 2017 - Haka, Prime Wardens Captain Cosmic,  Xtreme Prime Wardens Tempest, The Argent Adept, and The Eternal Haka

GenCon 2018 - Chris Cieslik with Glooping Ooze, Jeremy as Guise as The Rogue, Crista as The Rogue, and Alanna Cervenak

GenCon 2018 - Luminary and Baron Blade

GenCon 2017 - Andy as Greazer

GenCon 2015 - The Wraith, Ra, Legacy, and Absolute Zero

PAX East 2017 - Nightmist, Setback, Luminary, and Unity

PAX East 2017 - Zach as Setback

GenCon 2016 - The Visionary and Luminary

PAX Unplugged 2017 - Jeremy as Guise as a Con Attendee

GenCon 2016 - Expatriette, The Scholar, and Friction

GenCon 2016 - Sentinels Cosplay Contest Group Shot

GDEX 2017 - Jeremy as Guise as Arnold

GenCon 2017 - Crista as Bottom of the 9th Tachyon, Jeremy as "Baron" Guise, and Zach as Bottom of the 9th Setback

GenCon 2018 - Crista as Vengeance Miss Information and Jeremy as Summertime Guise

GenCon 2017 - Jeremy as Guise and The Green Grosser

GenCon 2015 - Baron Blade (flipped) and Iron Legacy

PAX East 2017 - Crista as Nightmist

GenCon 2017 - Jeremy as Guise as an Umpire

GenCon 2016 - Jennifer as La Capitan (flipped side)

GenCon 2016 - Unity and America's Newest Legacy

GenCon 2016 - Jenn as Void Guard Idealist

GDEX 2017 - Jeremy as Guise as a Creepy Head Worshiper

GenCon 2015 - Baron Blade, Ambuscade, Citizen Dawn, Baron Balde (flipped), Gloomweaver, The Wraith, Unity, Argent Adept, Parse, and Ra.

GenCon 2018 - Prime Wardens Fanatic, Absolute Zero, The Block Inmate, and Luminary

GenCon 2017 - Jennifer as Xtreme Prime Wardens Tempest

John at Pike Industries with his handy dandy Impromtu Invention

GenCon 2015 - Jeremy as Baron Blade