RE.minder 2.1.2 brings iOS 6 and iPhone 5 support

We're happy to announce that versions 2.1.2 of both RE.minder and RE.minder PRO+ are through approval and available now.

This is a small update which:

  1. Brings support for the taller screen on iPhone 5 (and the new iPod touch).
  2. Has been built for iOS 6.

In addition to these updates to the apps themselves, we've also translated the RE.minder iTunes store pages into all the languages the apps support:

  • English
  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

So click RE.minder or RE.minder PRO+ and get your to-do list in check. Already using RE.minder or RE.minder PRO+? Tell us what you think by posting a review on the App Store.

Save more money with RE.minder 2.1!

We're happy to announce that RE.minder 2.1 is finally through review and ready for prime time! This new version of RE.minder adds a couple new features that you've been asking for quite some time now.

RE.minder updates:

  • Day of the week is now listed in the date in RE.minder cells
  • Next repeating RE.minder can now be skipped without sending all to history
  • General performance improvements
  • 3 new content packs!
    • Musical Sound Pack 2 adds 20 new musical selections. (99¢)
    • Rock Sound Pack adds 16 rockin' sound selections. (99¢)
    • Miscellaneous 2 Icon Pack adds another 18 quick picker icons. (99¢)

But that's not all, the PROs get some great new features in this update as well!

RE.minder PRO updates:

  • Pull down on the RE.minder list to see the options for quiet time. Silence all reminders with a quick pull and tap.
  • We've added Tappable links, phone numbers and addresses in notes. Just enter something in your notes and we'll automatically detect it.
  • Do you like to get bugged? You can now choose a default Bug Me value to be applied to all new RE.minders.

As always, RE.minder is totally free and you have several options for adding content and features. If you decide to add features via In App Puchase, just visit the store from the info tab. You can get all PRO features for just $2.99 and add-on content packs for 99¢ each.

But for those of you who like to pay once and get it all, RE.minder PRO+ is now only $8.99! That's a dollar cheaper than it was before, plus you also get all 3 new content packs in addition to all the original content packs AND all RE.minder PRO features! When you get RE.minder PRO+, you save $4 off what you would have to pay to get everything separately, and you're also covered for any new content that comes out in that wild and wonderious future time, when zombies and terminators rule the wasteland!

Thank You!

The apps of the .minder family (RE.minder, RE.minder PRO+ and GAME.minder) have been downloaded more than 540 thousand times! That number makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. RE.minder 2.1 is our best RE.minder yet, and we think you're gonna love it as much as we do.

Download a .minder Now!

Updating to iOS 5 can disable notifications in RE.minder, GAME.minder, Better Clock

Did you update to iOS 5 in the last 2 weeks? Chances are you did. We've received many reports of RE.minders not going off after the update and after some research, we've determined that Apple took it upon themselves to (randomly?) change the notification options for various apps after the update, RE.minder , GAME.minder and Better Clock included. Read on for the fix -OS 5 introduces the new notification center which handles all notifications, system-wide, a little differently. Notifications now default to a strip across the top of the screen that goes away after a short time. Without any other changes, this is how RE.minder will display notifications under iOS5. You can see whatever notifications you have waiting by swiping down from the top of the screen.

It's possible that Apple has set RE.minder's notifications to "off" on your device in the upgrade to iOS5. To fix the issue, go into the settings app and select notifications, then scroll down until you see RE.minder (Or RE.minder PRO+, GAME.minder or Better Clock). If any of these apps have been disabled, they may be all the way at the bottom of the list under "not in notification center".

Once you select the app, you will see the options for notifications: none, Banners (the new way) and Alerts (the old way). Just select the notification type you want to use and all your RE.minders should show up again. Also make sure to switch badges and sounds back to "on" if they have been switched to "off".

We're still trying to figure out why Apple would change these settings without letting us the developer or you the user know but for the moment, we just have to fix it manually on a case by case basis.

If that doesn't fix the issue, please do let us know by contacting us.


2 Million RE.minded

2 Million Served

The month of June is drawing to a close which means 2011 is almost half over; where does the time go?

But there's another reason we here at Handelabra are celebrating - some time today, somewhere in the world, RE.minder will fire it's 2 millionth RE.minder of the year!

It may be something simple like a RE.minder to take out the trash or return a phone call. It may be something of great importance, like a RE.minder to take blood pressure medication or pick up your daughter from school. We've heard from people all over the world that they use RE.minder for all of the above and much, much more.

Thanks for making RE.minder a success!

So what's next for RE.minder?

At the beginning of June we released RE.minder 2 and the response has been overwhelming. We've received tons of positive feedback about the new features, new workflow and for the new add-ons. And one thing we added that was probably lost on our english speaking users is that RE.minder is going international!

RE.minder 2 shipped with a German language option and the next update for RE.minder will include even more. Right now, our goal is for RE.minder 2.1 to include Italian, French, Spanish and maybe even Dutch and Hebrew! If you want to help us out, visit and start translating.  The more we get, the faster we can add your native language.

Finally, one of the most requested features we've fielded since RE.minder 2 was release is a desire for syncing between multiple devices. We don't have anything concrete to report on that front just yet but I will say this - iCloud is coming!

And remember, RE.minder is a FREE download, so if you're not using it yet, what are you waiting for?

RE.minder PRO

Earlier this week, I talked about what's new for the RE.minder you download for free from the App Store and some of you may have noticed something about "RE.minder PRO".  'What could that be?' you asked yourself. Read on to find out...First the really good news - if you are one of the incredibly generous people who used RE.minder and decided to send us a couple bucks to turn off the ads, you already have PRO! Your "no ads policy" helped fund the upgrades that are coming so we figured, who better to benefit from them than you! So what exactly is PRO and what does it get you?

PROs are Advanced

Lots of people are finding really great ways to use RE.minder but they are also finding, as great as it is to set repetitions "anywhere from minutes to months" (thanks App Store reviewer Spoat!), it would be a lot more useful with a few added constraints.

Now, in addition to "repeat every" you can also turn days of the week on and off and set an end date, or total number of repetitions.

To put them all through their paces, let's say you have a routine you want to be reminded about every 8 hours, but only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and after 15 repetitions, you want it to stop. With RE.minder PRO, you can set that up super quick. We're expecting this to be a very popular feature.

Another thing PROs tend to like is setting everything they way they want it the first time. With the advanced workflow, you can go directly into advanced edit mode while you are setting your RE.minders and change the title, add notes, change the sound, icon, color, repetitions and everything else right away, without a trip to the RE.minder list first.

You also might have noticed a message that reads "touch + hold to edit" in the screenshot to the right. PROs like to customize and the Quick Pickers can now be rearranged to your heart's content. Just tap and hold and you can drag your favorite icons to the front of the list or even drag unused ones completely off into oblivion (don't worry, you can bring them back from the info tab). For more on this, read about the Add On Packs below.

Add a little color

There are two important changes along the color spectrum in RE.minder 2 and the first one is global color schemes:

Our current favorite is "Threat Level" (third from the left).  There are 9 different color schemes included in RE.minder PRO. If it's popular, we'll see about adding more.

Also on the color front, PROs can now change the icon and icon color of any RE.minder at any time. Choosing automatic will have the icon colors stay within the bounds of the selected color scheme but if you want something to really stick out from the list, this can be really great.

One last thing I insisted on, PROs can set the default sound for new RE.minders to Random (within a given category).  I just like being surprised, what can I say.

And needless to say, PROs aren't bombarded with banner advertising (but you knew that already, right?)

Add On Packs

The story doesn't end there though! Something else we have up our sleeve for RE.minder 2 are Add On Packs for icons and sounds. We've gotten a lot of feedback on how much people like the sounds we 've included (even to the point of people requesting to use them as ring-tones!) so we've bundled up a bunch more for you to add if you like. The add on packs available for RE.minder 2 will be:

  • Musical Sound pack - 20 new sounds of the Musical and Simple varieties including rock, blues and electronic
  • Fun Sound Pack - 22 new sounds of the Fun and Simple varieties including cartoons, animals and electronics
  • Extra Loud Sound Pack - We've taken great care to mix our sounds "properly" so they are in line with expected volume levels. But we've had some requests for louder sounds so this pack contains dynamically compressed and juiced-to-11 versions of 17 sounds from the various packs. We can't add a subwoofer to your phone, but these are as loud as we can make them.
  • Fun and Games Icon Pack - Over 20 new icons to use in your Quick Picker bar in the Media, Sports and Games and Transportation categories
  • Home and Office Icon Pack - Over 20 new icons in the Food and Drink, Medical, Office and Social categories
  • Miscellaneous Icon Pack - Lots of other icons we liked but either couldn't think of a category for or were too quirky to fit elsewhere.

All these packs are available from the new RE.minder Store in the Info Tab along with the RE.minder PRO upgrade.

I've done my best to be comprehensive over these two posts but there's really so much new, I'm sure to have missed something. We're putting the finishing touches on RE.minder 2 as we speak and expect to submit it within a week.  Assuming all goes well, RE.minder 2 will be on your phone before May becomes June.

We hope you like it!

RE.minder 2 Preview

Things may have seemed outwardly quiet for the last month or so, but that merely belies the head-down, push-till-it's-done headspace we've all entered here in the Handelabra-verse. We've taken in tons of really terrific feedback over the 100,000 download history of RE.minder and we did our best to boil it all down into a new an improved RE.minder experience. RE.minder 2 is fast approaching "finished" so I figured now might be a good time to detail some of what you can expect when it drops some time (hopefully) before the end of May.

Free for all

First of all, RE.minder will remain a free download from the app store and there are tons of great additions and enhancements coming, completely for free.

The first thing that will jump out at you is the new action bar that pops up when you tap a RE.minder. Look at all those pretty icons! What does it all mean? From left to right:

Share this RE.minder - With a single tap, you can now bundle up a RE.minder in an email and send it to anyone you like. If they have RE.minder installed, a single tap will set on their iPhone. Send it to a group to set a meeting.

Bug Me - We received a lot (like A LOT) of requests for a snooze function. Unfortunately, there are some very real limitations in Apple's local notification system that simply preclude the ability to add a real snooze functionality. Bug Me is the next best thing. Tapping on the bug will toggle the Bug Me function between "Off", "Every Minute" or "Every hour". Your RE.minder will now continue ringing at the interval you choose until you actively turn it off. This is also completely separate from our repeat settings (more on that later).

Delay - In RE.minder 1, a single tap on a fired RE.minder cleared it and sent it to History. Meaning 4 or more taps to set it again (as well as some hunting to find the right one). No more my friends! Tap the delay button and you'll be presented with a time Quick Picker right there in the action bar. 2 taps and you've reset the RE.minder. It even works on RE.minders that haven't fired yet if you just want to put them off a bit.

Advanced Edit - Even though we've worked to make it faster to reschedule a RE.minder, all the advanced options are still there. Just tap on on the edit button to change the title, add notes (see below), use more detailed scheduling, change the sound, change the Bug Me setting or add repetitions.

Clear/Send to History - And when you're all done with a RE.minder, be it fired or not, just tap here to remove it to your history.

What else is new?

You may have noticed a little color in our screenshots. Don't get your eyes checked, they are not deceiving you! RE.minders are now color coded based on how far out they are:

  • Red - Overdue (now with a friendly readout to tell you by how much)
  • Blue - Within the next 24 hours
  • Green - Within a week
  • Yellow - Within a month
  • Orange - Longer than a month

This is a great way to get a feel for what your schedule looks like moving forward.

You also might have noticed that I mentioned Notes above. I'm going to go ahead and admit it right now, notes were an afterthought. When we put them in, we honestly didn't know how much people would use them, if at all. Well you've let us know - WE WANT BETTER NOTES!

We've listened and improved both the way you enter notes, and their visibility in the RE.minder list. Go ahead and write as much as you want in there!

There have also been many smaller improvements to the overall RE.minder experience including a smarter Quick Picker system that remembers what you type, a better History that makes reseting RE.minders quicker and easier, sound groupings and a lot of background intelligence that will make setting RE.minders super fast.

If that was the end of the story, we'd consider it a pretty solid update, but we haven't even started talking about the elephant in the room (or the ad at the bottom of the screen). That my friends, is RE.minder PRO but that's a post for another day!

RE.minder hits 100,000 downloads

As of some time yesterday, RE.minder has had 100,000 downloads from the app store. In addition to thanking everyone who's using it and loving it (thanks!), I thought this might be a good time to share some stats, in case anyone is interested. Now keep in mind, we've only been tracking a lot of these since late January, but they should be mostly on target.

  • 101,704 - total downloads from the app store (as of this morning)
  • 136 - number of days on the store
  • 747 - average downloads per day
  • 244,949 - total RE.minders set
  • 5,000 - average daily users
  • 1% - percentage of users who have upgraded in app to the ad-free version (we expect this to grow when you see what's coming in RE.minder 2)
  • 74% - percentage of daily users who average between 1 and 3 RE.minders per day
  • 40% - average user retention (almost half of the people who try us, keep coming back)
  • 958,474 - total sessions since we started tracking, about to crack a million!
  • 428,934 - total sessions outside North America (almost half!)

But enough looking back, it's time to look forward because RE.minder 2 is nearing completion and we are so excited to show you what's coming. Keep an eye out for a RE.minder 2 preview, coming later this week. We've gotten tons of great feedback on what you want to see from RE.minder and we think RE.minder 2 is gonna blow most of these numbers out of the water.


RE.minder 1.2.1 now available on the App Store

What's been fixed/updated:

  • Even more speed improvements, especially when using repeating RE.minders.
  • 5 more quick pickers: Tickets, Haircut, Laundry, Computer and Movie
  • Fixed a bug where a deleted repeating RE.minder could still fire
  • Fixed a bug where selecting "none" for the RE.minder sound could revert back to the default sound

And last but not least, a (non)shiny new icon!

As always, RE.minder is free download from the App Store.

RE.minder 1.2.1 Icon