Bottom of the 9th Launch Promo at Gen Con 50!

Bottom of the 9th releases this Thursday, August 17th. This is also the beginning of the best 4 days in gaming: Gen Con! We are running a promotion in honor of this celestial alignment (clearly the most important one any time soon). Read on for information!

All the cool kids wear hats

We brought 200 stylish Bottom of the 9th hats with us this year! 

If you want to get one for free, it couldn’t be easier. Just buy Bottom of the 9th for your iPhone or Android smartphone. Then, stop by the booth and show us your phone running the game! If you are one of the first 50 people to do so each day, we will hand you your very own Bottom of the 9th hat, absolutely free. But the fun doesn't stop there…

Make sure to put that hat on, and leave it on all weekend, because you could get more free stuff! At random times each day of Gen Con, a certain Sentinel will be wandering the show, looking for Bottom of the 9th hats. If he catches you wearing it (on your head), he may just snap a photo with you and reach into his fanny pack to reward you for your dedication! Who is this mysterious Sentinel and what might you win? We’ll leave both of those a surprise for now, but you’ll be able to track this person’s comings and goings around Gen Con with the hashtag #Guise4MVP (did that just let the cat out of the bag?). Follow @Handelabra on Twitter to be sure not to miss him, and we’ll see you at Gen Con 50!

But I can't go to Gen Con…

You can still play Bottom of the 9th, because it is coming out on Thursday! It's been approved by Apple and will be launching on time on both iOS and Google Play (assuming nothing goes wrong, because nothing ever goes wrong with app launches).

Keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook pages to find out exactly when the app is available so you can be among the first to play.