Fall of the Variants!

As we move ever closer to the Multiverse-ending destruction of OblivAeon, there are more and more heroes looking to join the fight! The forces of good know that the only way to defeat OblivAeon will be to bring as many teammates together as possible, and so today we are announcing the Fall of the Variants!


Beginning tonight, a new heroic variant will come to Sentinels of the Multiverse every week* through December! 

Who? When?

If you’ve been watching Sentinels Live on Tuesday evenings (or catching up on YouTube), you know that we’ve been testing the Xtreme Prime Wardens for a few weeks. The first new variant from that team will go live on Tuesday, September 5th (that’s today!) at the end of the show. But which team member will it be? Tune in to Sentinels Live every week at 7 pm Eastern throughout the fall to find out which variant is coming for that week. John and Jeremy (and maybe some guests) will play Sentinels, show off the new variant, and make it available live on the air near the end of each show.

The standard procedure for variant unlocking and the Hall of Fame will be in effect for all of these variants. A quick refresher:

  • Each variant will become available for unlocking across all platforms at the same time.
  • To unlock a variant hero in multiplayer, you must be controlling that hero.
  • The first person to Tweet @handelabra or post to our Facebook page with proof of their unlock (a screenshot of the moment of unlocking) will earn a spot in the Hall of Fame.
  • The “unlock now” button will become available for each variant either 30 days from when they are first available, or when the unlock condition has been discovered by the community. You can always check on unlock conditions in the Variant Files.

Throughout the fall, you can keep tabs on the current state of things by visiting a special page here. We will update that page every week with which variant is now available, who earned a spot in the Hall of Fame, and unlock conditions as they are discovered. 

* Subject to App Store review delays, other unexpected delays, or acts of Guise.

Who will be first?

Who will be first?