Season 2 Kickstarter - 7 Days Left, nearly funded!

There is one week left in the Season 2 Kickstarter campaign, and success is within sight. The campaign is over $76,000 funded toward the $80,000 goal - that’s 95% and climbing!

Season 2 will include tons more content to expand the game you already know and love. There are three mega-expansions (Vengeance, Villains of the Multiverse, and OblivAeon) along with several mini-expansions. It includes 16 new heroes, 16 new villains, 9 new environments, and two brand new game modes.

If you have been waiting to see how the campaign is going before pledging, now is the time to get on board with over 2,190 other Sentinels and help make Season 2 a reality. With just 150 new Season 2 pledges we’ll reach the funding goal, and start working toward stretch goals.

Over the last couple weeks we have announced several exciting updates that may pique your interest.

Funding Bonuses for Every Backer

When we reach our goal, every backer (no matter what reward level) will receive in addition to their selected reward:

  • Your name in the credits of the game
  • A free copy of the Season 2: Volume 1 soundtrack ($8.99 value)
  • Exclusive Character Wallpaper pack
  • Core Game Environment Wallpaper pack
  • Rook City & Infernal Relics Wallpaper pack (download here)
  • And more as we unlock Stretch Goals and Social Goals!

Stretch Goals

The first few stretch goals have been announced, including bonuses that all backers will receive when we get to them. They include:

  • $85k - Digital-First Variant immediately unlocked in-game
  • $90k - Exclusive Multiplayer Avatar for backers
  • $95k - Season 2 Preview Pack will be released this summer, featuring Setback, Chokepoint, and the Temple of Zhu Long
  • $110k - Villain Challenge Modes will be added to the game
  • More to come!


You can add-on several items to your pledge, including extra Steam keys for Season Pass 2, Steam keys for the Core Game and Season Pass 1, soundtracks, and more. Extra Steam keys make great gifts and help us reach the funding goal and stretch goals!

Digital Foil Collector’s Packs

Also available as add-ons are Steam keys for the Hero and Villain digital foil packs. These packs will include alternate artwork for every hero and villain character card in the game.

Why back the Kickstarter instead of waiting?

Season Pass 2 is only guaranteed to exist at all if the Kickstarter campaign succeeds. We need your help to make sure it can be built! Backing the Kickstarter gets you the same Steam key for Season Pass 2 you could get later, but this way your money also counts toward stretch goals.

Furthermore, each backer gets some bonus content when we fund, and stretch goals will also include bonus content only for backers. The more you help, the more you (and everyone else) will get! Just like heroes fighting for freedom, this is a team effort!

If you’re curious about why we’re using Kickstarter to fund the development of Season 2, check out our update that dives into the details of the costs of game development.

To learn more about how we build Sentinels content, you can watch the Dev Diary videos we’ve posted so far:

Thanks for reading and we appreciate your support. The Multiverse needs you!