The Final Countdown for Season 2: One Day Left

Earlier this week, the Season 2 Kickstarter campaign reached the funding goal! There is just one day left before the end of the campaign, so head over and make your pledge to get exclusive bonuses and unlock even more stretch goals. Over 2,580 players have joined the campaign so far!

So far we’ve reached the first stretch goal, which immediately unlocked a digital-first Variant in-game. That’s right, you can launch Sentinels right now and play as Omnitron-U, no strings attached!

Stretch Goals

We are well on the way to further stretch goals, and we’ll be sure to reach them if all the Sentinels out there get on board!

  • $90k - Exclusive Multiplayer Avatar for backers
  • $95k - Season 2 Preview Pack will be released this summer, featuring Setback, Chokepoint, and the Temple of Zhu Long
  • $110k - Villain Challenge Modes will be added to the game
  • $125k - Hero Theme Music will be made, free for every backer ($10 value)
  • $150k - Story Mode will come to the game, written by Christopher Badell

Bonuses for Every Backer

Every backer (no matter what reward level) will receive in addition to their selected reward:

  • Your name in the credits of the game
  • A free copy of the Season 2: Volume 1 soundtrack ($9 value)
  • Exclusive Character Wallpaper pack
  • Several environment wallpaper packs
  • And more as we unlock Stretch Goals and Social Goals!

The Multiverse needs you!