A Big Update, to Make Things Smaller

With the launch of Shattered Timelines a few weeks ago, we received a lot of feedback from people regarding the installed size of Sentinels of the Multiverse when combined with the Season Pass, especially on mobile devices that sometimes have as little as 8 GB of internal storage. 

While we work on the game, the developers of Unity are also busy upgrading the game engine that Sentinels is built upon. Unity 5.3 has several great new features, including support for LZ4 compressed asset bundles (gory details here). In order to conserve memory we previously had to use uncompressed asset bundles, but now we can use LZ4 and get the best of both worlds. Thanks Unity, you’re the best!

We are happy to announce that today we are releasing v1.7.2 of Sentinels of the Multiverse with updated DLC that reduces the size by up to 75%.

Size Reductions By Platform
Android iOS Steam
Season Pass 1 -77.64% -57.24% -75.98%

You read that right, on Android, the installed size of DLC is now less than ¼ the size it was yesterday! The core game has also seen size savings on iOS and Steam, so in some cases users can expect to reclaim more than 1.5 GB of space with this update. Once your game is updated to version 1.7.2, make sure to visit the store and “Restore Purchases” to download the new, smaller DLC (Steam should do this for you automatically).

If you download the DLC and you don’t see any images, please make sure to update your game to the latest version. The old version of the game is not compatible with the new DLC format.

Thanks for all your feedback. This is a case where the squeaky wheels got the grease.