New Soundtrack Available, and We Need Your Voice!

We’ve escaped the darkest timeline, and all we got was this amazing soundtrack! We’re happy to announce that Sentinels of the Multiverse: The Soundtrack (Volume 4 - Shattered Timelines) is now available on Steam and

Soundtrack Volume 4 covers the recently released Shattered Timelines, as well as Mini-Pack 2 and includes the following tracks:

  1. Time Cataclysm
  2. The Block
  3. The Dreamer Dreaming 
  4. Chalk it up to Kismet
  5. Oh Captain! La Capitán!
  6. A Legacy of Iron
  7. The Final Wasteland
  8. Missing Information
  9. The Sentinels of the Multiverse (Main Theme)
  10. Sentinels Stand Victorious!
  11. America’s Finest Legacy (Bonus Track) 

Shattered Timelines includes our most epic piece of music yet - the 17:43 minute “Time Cataclysm.” For those of you that came to our Shattered Timelines listening party (viewable to the right), “Time Cataclysm” was only a mere 13:30 minutes at that time. Yes, it has gotten even longer! 

This soundtrack also contains a bonus track: “America’s Finest Legacy” - our very first Hero theme song!

Like Volumes 2 and 3, Volume 4 is $4.99, and is available now from Steam and It has also been submitted to all other stores so if you prefer to buy from iTunes, Google Play, Amazon etc, or a streaming service, it should start going live over the next week or so. Note: pricing on some stores is outside our control, so if you want to guarantee the $4.99 price, buying directly from us or from Steam is the best way to go.

Share in the Crowd’s Favor!

Now that Shattered Timelines is out in the world, we have turned our attention to the 4th themed-story expansion, Wrath of the Cosmos! One of the Villains in this expansion is the terrible Kaargra Warfang. She travels the cosmos with her Bloodsworn Colosseum, challenging all would-be gladiators. The Colosseum is a completely new mechanic in Sentinels, sort of like a mini-environment that goes along with Kaargra Warfang. To defeat her, you must fight to win the favor of the crowd! 

When Jean-Marc created the music for Realm of Discord, each member of the Handelabra team contributed their voice to add to the discordance of the environment (if you listen close, you might even be able to pick us out). The Bloodsword Colosseum is populated by people, aliens, and all manner of beasts. Rather than go out and find boring stock audio to mix together, we thought we’d ask our wonderful fans to become the crowd! 

There are 3 things we want to capture from the crowd:

  • Cheering (when something good happens)
  • Jeering (when something bad happens)
  • General crowd noise (chatting with the person next to you, eating, etc)

If you would like to be among the crowd, we will need the following sounds (also known as “samples”). You can make them sound human, alien, or anything in between!

  • cheers
  • shouts
  • screams
  • hoots
  • guffaws
  • growls
  • boos
  • mumbles
  • and really any other organic sounds you can think of

Please record your samples in a quiet, low-echo area with the highest-quality microphone you have available, and save them as 16 or 24-bit WAV files. Feel free to submit as many or as few samples as you like, but please separate different sounds into individual files and (if you know how) put them all in a ZIP file.

Please email your samples to with a subject of “Bloodsworn Crowd.” We would also like to give credit where it is due so if you would like your name in the game credits, please provide your name exactly as you would like it to appear.

Annoying but important legal stuff: By submitting audio files to us, you warrant that any audio file you send us is an original recording, created by you and that you are granting Handelabra Games Inc. an unlimited, unrestricted, irrevocable, worldwide license to your recording, to be used by Handelabra Games Inc. in any way we choose. 

With your help, the Bloodsworn Colosseum will really come alive! 

And finally…

Did you know that the OblivAeon is up on Kickstarter right now? It’s the final expansion for Sentinels of the Multiverse (the card game, not the video game) and it’s already raised more than $500,000?! Lock in your copy of OblivAeon now, plus get regular or foil hero packs and even a huge collector's case that holds the entire Multiverse in one box!