Infernal Relics Variants

Infernal Relics is now available for all platforms and so the six new variants are now unlockable in-game. You can coordinate on the community forums with other players to discover the variant unlocks! Plus, the first person to unlock a variant and send us the screenshot via Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ will earn an exclusive spot on the Hall of Fame

Here are the new variants you'll be hunting for, along with links to community discussions.

Variant Unlocking follows the procedure outlined in this post, but the cliff's notes is the following:

  • Once the unlock procedure is discovered, it is posted on this page.
  • 30 days from now (August 8th), we will post unlock codes to the same page.

*One final note - In 1.4 there is a bug in the unlock condition for Spite: Agent of Gloom on the iOS version. It is easier than it is supposed to be. We'll clarify with more details when appropriate. This bug is fixed in version 1.4.1 and later.