Infernal Relics Availability Tracker (and 50% off sale!)

It’s Monday, July 6th and that makes it Infernal Relics Day! Check this post for availability information for version 1.4 of the game and the expansion pack.

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The Breakdown

So what does Infernal Relics bring to the table? As with Rook City, this expansion brings 2 new heroes, 2 new environments and 4 new villains.

  • Hero: NightMist
    • This paranormal detective has exactly the skills the Freedom 5 needed to take on the demon GloomWeaver.
  • Hero: The Argent Adept
    • The latest Virtuoso of the Void, Anthony Drake uses music and mysticism to hold back the tides of chaos.
  • Villain: GloomWeaver
    • A towering extra-dimensional demon, GloomWeaver feeds on the despair of mankind.
  • Villain: The Ennead
    • Think one villain is tough? Try taking on 9 at once! This pantheon of Egyptian gods is a force to be reckoned with.
  • Villain: Apostate
    • Fanatic’s Nemesis, Apostate draws on his terrible relics to keep the heroes guessing.
  • Villain: Akash’bhuta
    • More a force of nature than anything else, Akash’bhuta is the spirit of chaos and destruction in nature.
  • Environment: Tomb of Anubis
    • The perfect place for any team with Ra to once again defeat the Ennead.
  • Environment: Realm of Discord
    • Pretty much anything can happen in this strange realm. Watch out for distortions!

Once the update and expansion are available on all platforms (which could be several days depending on Apple), there will also be 6 new Variants to unlock, but we'll tell you more about that when they are available.

50% off!?

It's not only Infernal Relics day - it's also the first day of The "Sorry we missed the Steam Summer Sale" Sale on IndieGala! From now until July 12th, you can pick up Sentinels of the Multiverse for Steam for 50% off the normal price. It's the deepest discount we've done yet, and it's not likely to repeat soon so get it while it's hot!