The Ever-Expanding Multiverse

The day has finally arrived! The eagle-eyed Handelabranauts out there have probably already noticed that there’s a shiny new update to Sentinels available now, version 1.2. If your store of choice is Steam, Amazon or Google Play, you may even already have it! iPad users will have to wait just a bit longer for Apple’s approval process to run its course, but we’re expecting approval within the next few days.

This update has lots of improvements and fixes:

  • Linux and SteamOS versions are now included with your purchase of the game on Steam. A special thanks to our dedicated beta testers for helping to make it happen!
  • Every villain now has their own musical theme that plays when they defeat the heroes
  • Preview multiple instances of damage dealing (like Fanatic’s innate power) with a tap
  • Tap anywhere to dismiss card plays & draws
  • Fixed problems relating to Wrest the Mind and Backlash Field
  • And many more small bug fixes and improvements throughout the game!

But of course, the most important feature of 1.2 is support for expansion packs, the first of which is also now available (everywhere except iTunes).

The first expansion is called Mini-Pack 1 and includes the hero Unity, the Villain Ambuscade and the Environment Silver Gulch. If you want to start small, you can buy the Mini-Pack for $1.99. If you know you’re a fan, you can buy Expansion Season Pass 1 for $19.99 which will grant you access to all 3 planned Mini-Packs, as well as 4 Full expansions, all in a single purchase. Check this blog post for more details.

Also available today are the sultry sounds of the Multiverse, brought to you by the creative mind of Jean-Marc Giffin. The soundtrack is $6.99 on Steam and is available now! If you’d rather get it from a different store, it’s available in lots of places including Google Play, eMusic, Spotify, Amazon Music,  iTunes and others. On many of the music stores the price is chosen automatically. From our point of view, the price is $6.99 but feel free to shop around for the best deal.

For Steam users, here’s direct links to all the new stuff:

Now that the first expansion pack is available, we’re not slowing down! Our team is already hard at work on Rook City, plus great new features for the game including online multiplayer. We can’t wait to bring you more great things from the Multiverse!