Welcome to the Weekly One-Shot (and more!)

Playing Sentinels of the Multiverse by yourself is lots of fun. Playing multiplayer with your friends is even better. Hanging out with us when we play live on Tuesday nights is great too. But now, we’re taking it a step further. How about playing with everyone in the world? Enter the Weekly One-Shot.

Today, we are releasing version 1.6.1 of Sentinels of the Multiverse and aside from the usual bug-fixes, the biggest new feature is aimed squarely at continuing to build the wonderful Sentinels Community. It can be fun to find a really great matchup and then see how your friends do from the same starting point. The Weekly One-Shot works with the same idea - let’s all play the same setup, and then talk about how we did. It works like this:

Every week, updated at midnight GMT on Tuesday, a new Weekly One-Shot will appear in the game. It will be a specific set-up, designed by the Handelabra Games and Greater than Games teams. The villain, environment, heroes and hero order will all be fixed and it will be the current issue for 7 days (until the next One-Shot is posted). It’s then up to you to complete the game, collect the One-Shot and compare notes with your fellow Sentinels.

What do we mean “collect?” Just like in the world of comics, our Weekly One-Shots are designed as standalone comics (well, covers at least) to be collected. Completing the One-Shot (either in single player, multiplayer, or both) allows you to collect that issue and add it to your collection. How and when you complete it will dictate the grade of the comic cover you collect.

Fine: Win the One-Shot while it is the current issue, and you will be awarded a “Fine” cover commemorating your accomplishment. However, there are 2 special grades of cover for those that go above and beyond the call of duty, and have a little bit of luck.

Near-Mint: Win the current One-Shot on your first or second try and your cover will be “Near-Mint”. You can use undo and still score a Near-Mint cover, however…

Mint: For the truly intrepid, there is the ever-elusive “Mint” cover. If you win the current One-Shot on your first try, AND without using undo at any point in the game, you will earn the rare Mint cover. Just like in real life, finding a Mint condition cover requires a bit of luck. They are a rare and special thing, so don’t worry if your collection doesn’t have them all.

Good: All the above covers can be collected as long as the One-Shot is current, but if you ever miss one don’t worry! You can always play back issues and still earn a perfectly respectable “Good” cover.

Over time, you’ll build your own personal collection of Weekly One-Shot comic covers! The first Weekly One-Shot launches today and has you taking on Mad Bomber Blade at Megalopolis with a team of Variant Freedom 4 members: Young Legacy, G.I. Bunker, Super Scientific Tachyon and Rook City Wraith. If you have yet to unlock all those Variants, don’t worry - in the Weekly One-Shot you can play with any variants regardless of their unlock status. However, if a One-Shot requires expansion content, you will need to own that expansion pack to participate.

Once you’ve played the Weekly One-Shot, head to your favorite place to chat about Sentinels and compare notes (Handelabra Games forum, Greater than Games forum, Steam forum). Our main goal with the Weekly One-Shot is to keep people playing and talking about Sentinels and to keep the community growing. We really hope you enjoy it.

We have more plans about how to use and grow this feature in the future but for now, get out there are start collecting your Weekly One-Shots!

But wait, there’s more!

We’re excited to announce the Weekly One-Shot today because we know it’s going to be popular with all the new players. What new players you ask? All the new players who buy the game during the Sentinels Winter Sale that begins tomorrow of course! From December 22nd - January 4th, the following Sentinels products are on sale:

  • Sentinels of the Multiverse: The Video Game (Steam): $7.49
  • Sentinels of the Multiverse: The Video Game (mobile): $6.99
  • Season Pass 1 (all platforms): $17.99
  • All soundtracks and ringtone pack (Steam or Handelabra.com): $1.95

That’s right, not only can you scoop up the core game at up to 50% off, the Season Pass is on sale as well for only the second time ever! And for the musically inclined, you can get all the music we’ve released for less than the cost of two peppermint lattes! Find more info at SentinelsDigital.com starting tomorrow.

The sale will start going live at midnight and pricing should be updated across all stores where it will be active by mid-afternoon Eastern time tomorrow so be sure to check your favorite store. And don’t forget, Sentinels of the Multiverse makes a great gift, especially at these prices!

Thank You

From all of us at Handelabra Games, to all of you out in the Multiverse, thanks for a wonderful 2015! Happy “whatever you celebrate” and here’s to an awesome 2016!