The Morning After

Our thanks go out to our incredible community for an amazing anniversary weekend! Despite the iPad version getting held up in review, you all made our anniversary a resounding success!

The final count of copies sold during the party was 952 so you know what that means…

$952 Raised For Child’s Play Charity!

In the other news of the weekend, lots of you are really loving multiplayer. Our infrastructure weathered the storm really well, and that can be attributed to our fantastic beta testing team (both private and public).

We’ll have more information about what’s going on with iPad soon, but the short version is that it got rejected for a feature that has been in the game for quite some time. We’re doing what we can about that and will keep you up to date as things go.

The next big thing on the horizon is PAX Australia! John will be there with the Greater Than Games team so if you’re down under, make sure to come say hello. You’ll be able to play some cross-platform multiplayer Sentinels and get a sneak peek at Mini-Pack 2!