Happy anniversary to the Sentinels!

Welcome one and all to the Sentinels of the Multiversary party! All weekend, we’ll be celebrating Sentinels of the Multiverse: The Video Game turning 1 year old.

A few weeks back, we asked you to send us your own personal renditions of the Sentinels of the Multiverse theme song and above you can watch and listen to what you and your fellow Sentinels came up with. Thank you for all your creativity, as well as your support throughout this first year! Read on for more info about what to expect this weekend.

The Sale

Through Sunday, all sorts of Sentinels stuff is on sale. Not only is the core game discounted by up to 34%, but we’re also offering some extra special discounts, for this weekend ONLY!

  • Sentinels of the Multiverse iOS: $6.99 ($3 off)
  • Sentinels of the Multiverse Android: $6.99 ($3 off)
  • Sentinels of the Multiverse Steam: $9.99 ($5 off)
  • Expansion Season Pass 1 (All Platforms): $14.99 ($5 off the usual price and total savings of $11 off what it would cost to buy all packs separately)
  • All soundtracks and the ringtone pack: $1.99 each on Steam or handelabra.com 

You can see all this info and more on the anniversary home page at SentinelsDigital.com.

Attentive fans will notice that Expansion Season Pass 1 is discounted for the first time. This is a special promotion, exclusively for the anniversary that we have never done before and don’t plan to do again any time soon. If you’ve been holding off on expanding your game, now is the time! But buying this weekend isn’t just a great idea because you’ll save some money...

The Fundraiser

For every copy of the core game sold this weekend, we will be donating $1 to Child’s Play Charity. That’s $1 off the top, not “70¢” using weird accounting tricks. We like transparency and this weekend, copies sold = dollars donated! If you can help us crack 30k copies sold to date, that will be more than $2000 donated to Child’s Play!

If you already own the game but still want to donate to this great cause, just buy copies for all your friends! Another option is to donate directly using our Child’s Play widget. You can donate as much or as little as you like, and money donated this way goes directly to Child’s Play. The widget is to the right, or at SentinelsDigital.com.

The Game

We’re excited about our anniversary, but we’ll forgive you if what you are really excited about is the impending release of online multiplayer. This weekend also marks the release of this highly anticipated feature, across all platforms.

The multiplayer update (v1.5) will be going live across all stores over the course of the day (please note, iOS might be delayed*). To see when it’s available for your store or device, check out SentinelsDigital.com.

Online multiplayer will launch with the following initial features, and we plan to continue improving it as we move forward.

  • Live (synchronous) play cross-platform between iOS, Android, and PC/Mac/Linux
  • Text chat between players at any time before, during, or after the game
  • Login with Steam, Game Center, Google Play, or Amazon GameCircle depending on your platform/store
  • Create private games that your friends can join, or play with anyone else online

Future plans include:

  • Voice chat
  • Asynchronous play
  • More platform specific integration (invite friends, etc)
  • DLC compatibility packs
  • Beer & pretzels

Multiplayer is the headline feature, but there’s lots of other small fixes and improvements in this update as well:

  • You can now see the number of cards left in every deck. Press the deck button to see what cards are there (but not their order). 
  • The new Fast Forward button (in the bottom right corner) speeds through animations on demand.
  • The Multiverse screen shows the number of duplicates of each card.
  • The tutorial has been improved to make it easier to learn the game.
  • Plus we’ve made many more bug fixes and small improvements.

On tablets, don’t forget to redownload your expansion packs after updating in order to get the latest content updates.

The Party

Part and parcel with this celebration is sharing it with you! Starting at 9 AM Eastern, we will be streaming on our Twitch channel all day. Hang out with us while we play the game, talk about our first year, look back on the development process and introduce the team. We may even have a few surprises.

After we’ve been streaming all day, we’re handing the mic over to you, the fans! Check out SentinelsDigital.com to see the official schedule of streamers for the weekend. Aside from just playing the game, each streamer will have 1 free Steam copy of Expansion Season Pass 1 to give away! We’ve left it up to them how they chose the winner so you’ll just have to watch to win.

Throughout the weekend, we’ll be directing you to where the action is happening via our Twitter and Facebook feeds, and using the #Sentinels1Year hashtag. If you want to participate, just use that hashtag to join in the celebration.

What a Year!

Thanks again for giving us a fantastic first year. We have no intention of slowing down in year 2. The next big project in our Multiverse is of course, more content! Coming up expect to see Mini-Pack 2, Shattered Timelines, Wrath of the Cosmos and Mini-Pack 3. Aside from content, we’re also still committed to getting Sentinels of the Multiverse on even more platforms. We know that many of you want a phone UI, but the new AppleTV is also on the horizon and we’re actively researching whether that would be a good match for the game. And in 2016, don’t be surprised to see some news about a possible console release.

We’ll see you on our Twitch channel all day. Thanks again, have fun, and keep saving the Multiverse!

* We have no control over Apple’s review process. The game is submitted and awaiting approval, and it will go live as soon as it’s approved. the game and season pass will be discounted on iTunes, even if the latest update is not yet approved.