We're at PAX Prime! Come say hi and get a card!

Hello again, Handelabranauts! 

It's that time everyone's been waiting for -- PAX Prime! We've been preparing like crazy! We'll let you know where we are, how to get super scientific, and about some of the stuff we'll be showing there! 

PAX is the place!

You wanna see the awesome Handelabra and Greater than Games Booth on the sixth floor,  right? Of course you do! We'll be showing off gameplay on some slick screens visible to about half the floor and will have a Sentinels of the Multiverse: The Video Game demo available to play on handheld devices at the booth. We are booth number 6211 on the sixth floor, next to the PAX 10. 

We've also got something else special lined up for you... 


Exclusive Options  

The Super-Scientific Tachyon is an exclusive promotional character card that we talked about in our GenCon post, and we'll be giving the cards away at PAX. This version of Tachyon has the new, unpredictable power called “Experiment.” When you use this power, Tachyon reveals the bottom 2 cards of any deck. If those cards share a keyword, they immediately enter play, if not, they are discarded. Sounds fun!

So, how do you get The Super-Scientific Tachyon? Come visit us at our booth and then follow Handelabra on your preferred social medium and mention #SentinelsGame, or join our mailing list, and then you get yourself a card! Sounds simple and elegant, doesn't it? 

One of us at the booth will keep an eye out for your post or follow, and then you'll be able to grab a card. Keep in mind that these cards are limited in number, so there may not be enough for everyone. That being said... 

Can't make it to PAX? 

So you won't be able to head out to PAX and didn't pick up the promo at GenCon? You will have another opportunity to get the promo card. The Super Scientific Tachyon will be available to the first 5000 people to purchase the video game when it is released this Fall! We'll be shipping internationally, so anyone in the world will be able to join in! Follow us on TwitterFacebookGoogle+, or join our mailing list to make sure you don't miss the release of the game!

Thanks for reading, and if you're at PAX be sure to come say hi to us!