SotM Digital Sneak Peek #6 - Wagner Mars Base First Look

Last time we showed you a 3D environment from Sentinels of the Multiverse, it was a primordial lost world. Insula Primalis features predatory dinosaurs stalking through a dangerous prehistoric landscape. For this week’s sneak peek, we’re giving you a look at a very different environment that is just as deadly: Wagner Mars Base.

Like the Insula Primalis first look, this is a work in progress. We’re still working to make it as awesome as possible, so you will be seeing some changes before the final release (in particular, this hasn’t had the comic-book cel shading applied yet). 

A hub of planetary research, Wagner Mars Base supports nearly 2,000 scientists and personnel, and is the first and largest human research facility outside of Earth’s gravity well.  The base harbors a variety of government and private research projects, including artificial atmosphere containment, robotics, exobiology, and weapons research. It may be worth mentioning that the base is also equipped with a self-destruct sequence, but we’re 96% sure you’ll never need to use that. 

The mathematically inclined amongst you may note that there are 2 environments left from the Enhanced Edition. We’ll have more to show off soon, so keep an eye on our blog. 

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If you’re not attending PAX, however, do keep in mind that the Super Scientific Tachyon promo card will be sent to the first 5,000 people who purchase Sentinels of the Multiverse: The Video Game when it comes out later this Fall. You hyped?