Sentinels of the Multiverse: Preliminary Player Perspectives Preview

We've got something awesome to show you today! The upcoming Sentinels of the Multiverse game for iOS and Android tablets is coming along at a brisk pace, and we're excited to show you some of our progress.

As we mentioned in our post on Greater Than Games' forum, we now have a preliminary player screen featuring our valiant hero The Wraith and the magnificent malefactor Baron Blade. They are up against each other in Insula Primalis, the island laden with prehistoric perils.

This is not an in-engine screenshot, and please note that many designs are in flux and therefore subject (and likely!) to change.


A few rounds have passed since this particular match has started. It is currently the Wraith's turn to move. Her companions are injured, and poor Legacy has been incapacitated. Since it is her turn, Wraith's play area is completely visible. You can also see the villain and environment cards.

If you are keen on seeing another Hero's play area, you can tap on them to bring up a screen that will look a lot like this:


This is a preview screen for Bunker's play area, which will assist the player in making their next move.  

A goal of ours is to maintain the aesthetic of the board game and, by extension, comic books. The most common compliment of Sentinels of the Multiverse is that “it feels like playing a comic book” and we are very interested in supporting that feeling.

In the Sentinels of the Multiverse game, the environment is an important element that can turn the tide for or against the heroes. The environment background in the preview screenshots above is a 2D placeholder. We are working on a full 3D representation of the environment.

Here is an annotated version of our preliminary player screen:


It's certainly a challenge to incorporate a game as vast as Sentinels of the Multiverse into a single, comic-bookesque tablet screen, and our iconography is a vital element to communicating all of the varieties of game play. We are constantly tweaking and upgrading the various icons and symbols, so we're very open to feedback as to how you'd like to see them.

Those dedicated SotM players may also notice that the cards aren't exactly the same as the physical cards. Fear not! You will always be able to bring up a full card, just as it is on the tabletop, at any point during gameplay. We’re using smaller representations during gameplay in order to show more on the screen so that you will be well informed when you make any decision against your enemy. The full card will also have a few useful displays that can't be shown in the physical world such as auto-calculating (H) values. 

In the near future we'll also be showing you various other screens, including the villain screen! We're hoping that by the end of May we'll have in-engine gameplay elements to show you, so be sure to keep an eye on our site, Twitter, and Facebook.

That's a lot of new information! What do you think of our progress so far? Anything in particular you have questions or concerns about? Let us know below.

Thanks for reading!