Learn to play Sentinels

Have you been considering picking up Sentinels of the Multiverse, but you were holding off because you don't know how to play? Well starting tonight, we're going help you remedy that! John and Jeremy host the first "Learn to play Sentinels Live Stream" this evening at 8pm Eastern.

Just bookmark our twitch page here, and swing by this evening at 8 Eastern (5 Pacific). We'll be talking about how to play the digital game, as well as game concepts and some strategy. The live stream format means you can participate in the chat and ask questions if there's something you want some more info about while we play. We're hoping to do these about once a week, schedule permitting, and in future streams we'll be focusing on specific characters that might be harder to master (we're looking at you Absolute Zero).

Die hard fans are always welcome, but if you know someone who's on the fence, why not bring them along so they can see how the game is played? 

We look forward to seeing you this evening!