Sentinels Sidekick for Android Powers Up

It’s been a while since we’ve posted a major update for Sentinels Sidekick on Android. The main reason for that is we’ve been very busy building the digital version of Sentinels of the Multiverse itself!

However, we have not forgotten about Sidekick. Version 1.5 is now available on Google Play and Amazon Appstore. It makes Sidekick even more powerful and great looking!

Sentinels Sidekick now includes a custom effects keyboard for use when entering notes. You can enter effects like “Damage Taken -1” for Fortitude, “Use Extra Power” for Utility Belt, or even more complicated things with as little as one tap. As a bonus, the keyboard’s damage icons are the new versions that debuted in the digital version of SotM.

You’ve asked (loudly) for it, and here it is! Artwork packs for expansion content are now available. The packs cover every expansion and mini expansion so you can make Sidekick look just like the card game all the time! 

On Android, each separate expansion has an Artwork Pack that includes high resolution images for all heroes, villains, environments, and target cards in that expansion (plus their promo variants). The mini expansions (Unity, Ambuscade, etc) are collected into a Mini Expansions Artwork Pack. Each pack is available as a separate DLC item for $0.99 (or the equivalent in your local currency). 

The structure of the packs is different than the iOS version of Sidekick for historical reasons, but we feel the setup of the Android version makes a lot more sense. The upside of this organization is that you only pay for the expansions you need. If you don’t have Shattered Timelines, there’s no need to get the artwork pack (though we wouldn’t complain if you do).

A note for iOS users - moving forward (as of Vengeance), the iOS version will share the same structure for expansion artwork packs. We cannot easily change the existing previous structure, however, so it will remain.

Wondering what’s next for Sidekick? Well you may have heard of a new expansion coming with some wild and wacky things. Sentinels Sidekick should be ready for the Wrath of the Cosmos by the time you can play it!

(Just a short note, we've not sold anything via In App Purchase on Android before so we are still working out a couple kinks. If you have any trouble, please contact us.)