Unfortunately, Uncle Slam and Uncle Slam Vice Squad are no longer available.

Uncle Slam

The spirit of patriotism has always been strong in America. The men who have been chosen to lead her throughout the years have embodied this spirit. But the time has now come to determine who among them embodies it the most.

Choose your favorite president and fight your way to the top in Gentlemen's Boxing. The winner will take up the mantle of Uncle Slam and be the custodian of American patriotism for all time!

Uncle Slam is a political boxing game for iOS. Using gesture-based fighting, Uncle Slam offers a fun and slightly crazy boxing experience to iPad, iPhone and iPod touch gamers!

Uncle Slam Vice Squad

If you don't feel quite up to taking on the top dogs, why not start with the second bananas first? 5 Vice Presidents battle for the right to be known as "Number 2".

Uncle Slam and Uncle Slam Vice Squad are  presidential fighting games for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Using gestural punching and blocking, you play as your favorite commander-in-chief, traveling the country taking on all comers.

For more information, and to view stats, pictures and videos from the game, visit UncleSlam.com, Facebook.com/UncleSlamWantsYou or follow the man himself at Twitter.com/UncleSlam.