RE.minder hits 100,000 downloads

As of some time yesterday, RE.minder has had 100,000 downloads from the app store. In addition to thanking everyone who's using it and loving it (thanks!), I thought this might be a good time to share some stats, in case anyone is interested. Now keep in mind, we've only been tracking a lot of these since late January, but they should be mostly on target.

  • 101,704 - total downloads from the app store (as of this morning)
  • 136 - number of days on the store
  • 747 - average downloads per day
  • 244,949 - total RE.minders set
  • 5,000 - average daily users
  • 1% - percentage of users who have upgraded in app to the ad-free version (we expect this to grow when you see what's coming in RE.minder 2)
  • 74% - percentage of daily users who average between 1 and 3 RE.minders per day
  • 40% - average user retention (almost half of the people who try us, keep coming back)
  • 958,474 - total sessions since we started tracking, about to crack a million!
  • 428,934 - total sessions outside North America (almost half!)

But enough looking back, it's time to look forward because RE.minder 2 is nearing completion and we are so excited to show you what's coming. Keep an eye out for a RE.minder 2 preview, coming later this week. We've gotten tons of great feedback on what you want to see from RE.minder and we think RE.minder 2 is gonna blow most of these numbers out of the water.