GAME.minder finds the Droids you were looking for.

"That's a cool idea, can I get it for Android?"At PAX East 2011, PAX Prime 2011 and PAX East 2012, we fielded that question innumerable times and the answer was always the same - stay tuned. Well for those of you who have dutifully stayed tuned-in, we're happy to announce that the wait is over! GAME.minder is now available for over 1366 Android devices (according to Google Play).

If you've been waiting with bated breath for GAME.minder to be available on your platform of choice, fire up your tapping fingers and head over to Google Play. One quick, free download later you'll be remembering games to your heart's content! For every game you track, you'll get nice friendly push notifications when it's time to pre-order or play.

If you like to get your apps from Amazon vs Google, fear not. GAME.minder will also be available over there in short order (but not yet for Kindle unfortunately).

Whether you have a Droid X or an HTC Sensation (although not a Marvin unfortunately), we encourage you to Share and Enjoy the brand new Android version of GAME.minder.