Election Time!

Uncle Slam Election Pack: The Moment of Truth (and Prediction)

Well my friends, it's almost time to hang up the election gloves!

The campaign trail has proved to be a long road, with many bumps, bruises and knockouts along the way. Each candidate has had their fair share of licks and I, Uncle Slam, played the role of witness, umpire and judge throughout this epic battle in the ring.

So which candidate will prove to be strongest of spirit, but more importantly, strongest of fist? I, Uncle Slam, with my non partisan political powers (and some insight from the Uncle Slam Rankings) predict that Mitt Romney will become the new leader of leaders and win the majority vote by 2%!

You may challenge my prediction or not, but hear me now - put down the gloves for a moment and go make your vote count!

Heed my words because I am, Uncle Slam!

Get it FREE before the real votes are cast tonight! Because once the ballots are counted the Uncle Slam Election Pack will disappear!

The Uncle Slam Election Pack is available for FREE on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Uncle Slam is a satirical, president vs. president boxing game. Pick your leader (past or present) and battle it out in the ring. Play through a campaign or battle head to head. The harder you fight and the more you win, the more votes your president receives so you can unlock gloves, stages, fun facts and more. There are three presidential expansion packs to choose from or if you have a favorite, you can choose to download individual presidents.