GAME.minder 2 spotlight - Expansion

Yesterday we told you about what's new in the free version of GAME.minder but for those of you who demand a bit more from your .minder, we're offering 3 expansion packs with version 2.


AdAway is an intravenous chemical solution that bonds with adiation particles before they have a chance to be displayed effectively removing all banner advertising. In the free version of GAME.minder, it's the ads that help keep the doors open. But let's face facts: Ads can get in the way and  some people prefer to not have to look at them. For you guys and gals, we offer a lifetime dose of AdAway -APPLY DIRECTLY TO THE AD BANNER!


Gamers are nothing if not meticulous. Boy oh boy, do we love our statistics. Interested in how many games are coming for 360 vs PS3? Which platforms are the most popular?  Which dates are the most popular for game releases? Charted brings all this and more; in full living color.

You can also see a breakdown of how many gamers are following any game and on what systems and even share any of these charts with friends via email (but more on that tomorrow). Ah yes, the visualization of data - it's what separates us from beasts. Or is that symbolic language? Or using tools? Or love?

Search and RE.stroy

It's easy to find a game if you know it's name, just search for the title. But what if you want to see other shooters? RPGs? Other games from your favorite developer? Or maybe you just want to to see what everyone else is following? That's where the Search and RE.stroy expansion pack comes in.

Genre, Developer, Publisher, Franchise, and popularity. Use all this additional metadata to search, group, filter or sort the games listing to your heart's content. It sounds simple but when you start to use it, it's like a whole new .minder, we promise!

GAME.minder ULTIMATE is just that - the one and only GAME.minder expansion pack you ever need to buy. Including all GAME.minder expansion packs, current and future, it gives you the ULTIMATE GAME.minder experience. If you like to pick and choose, you're free to do so but if you'd rather just get the best in one shot, this one's for you.

And it gets even better! GAME.minder ULTIMATE will be on sale for 50% off for the month of March for only $2.99. And if you download GAME.minder 1.2 right now, ULTIMATE is still at the current price of $1.99! All 3 expansions for the price of one? What're we nuts? Must be!

So thats what you can expect on the expansion horizon in GAME.minder 2. Tune in tomorrow when we talk social.