The Couplett Challenge

Win a Free T-Shirt

How do you Couplett your Couplett?

Each week, for the next five weeks, we want to challenge your creativity: show us how you compose your best CouplettUsing the feature pack of the week, take your most creative shots, apply your favorite themes, then share them with us on Facebook or Twitter. At the end of each week our lovely team of un-biased staff members will select the most creative (and probably favorite) Couplett.

We'll feature the winning Couplett on the Handelabra Blog and Facebook page, giving full credit to the artist of course, and send the winner a swanky Handelabra t-shirt. Don't have Couplett yet? Download it for free on the App Store and start snapping away.

So here it is...

WEEK 1 Challenge: 

Juxtapose your pics using the FUN pack

BONUS POINTS: Snap a Couplett with someone famous to earn points with the judges. 

To kick things off, we've challenged our staff to make their best Coupletts to help get your creative juices flowing. And no, staff are not eligible to win (sorry guys) but you can still play along. To keep things fair for everyone else, we do have some contest rules below. So check 'em out before you start.

Remember folks: keep it clean, keep it funny, and be creative. Let the Coupletting begin!

Couplett is a picture in picture camera app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Utilizing both front and rear cameras, Couplett lets you snap a pic of the scene in front of you and then, with the opposing camera,  snap a picture of yourself (no flipping the camera around - the action happens almost simultaneously), then composites the two images together. Select a theme frame for your Couplett and share. Great idea? We think so.

Looking for more themes? Just click the theme shopping cart or export a preview theme to take you to the theme store.

Next week's challenge: Show us your best compositions using the PHOTO pack

BONUS POINTS: Couplett your spookiest or hilarious Halloween activities for extra points.


  • Challenges begin at 1PM ET each Friday and end the following Friday at 1PM ET. First challenge begins on October 19. 
  • Photo's must be composed using the theme pack specified for that week.
  • Photos must be your own.
  • You may submit as many Coupletts as you like (for the sake of fun - please, no duplicates).
  • Facebook submissions - Post them to our wall at
  • Twitter submissions - Post your Couplett and mention @CouplettApp in your tweet.
  • There are no restrictions on how many times you can win.
  • Keep it funny, but keep it clean (your mom might be watching).
  • Coupletts will be judged on a scale of 1 to 10. Judges will consider: the level of creativity, thoughtfulness and use of theme/photo combinations. Complete the bonus challenge and earn 2 additional points with the judges.
  • Winners agree to let Handelabra use their winning Couplett on the Handelabra blog and Facebook pages. Handelabra will not sell or use your image or information for evil purposes. We just want to show how awesome you are!
  • Credit will be given to the Couplett artist.
  • Handelabra employees are not eligible to win prizes, but may submit as many Coupletts as they would like.
  • Have fun!