VoiceOver comes to RE.minder, GAME.minder and Better Clock

We're happy to announce that 2011 brings with it a renewed focus on Accessibility in our most popular apps.  RE.minder, GAME.minder and Better Clock all have new versions on the App Store with full support for VoiceOver!RE.minder on the App StoreRE.minder 1.1 is a simple utility for setting visual and audible reminders on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Audible notifications are, by their very nature, accessibility tools and using VoiceOver to make the entire process more accessible to vision impaired users makes RE.minder that much more useful.

RE.minder on the App Store

GAME.minder 1.2 is an entertainment focused app which gives users the ability to follow video game release dates and be reminded when they come out. Like RE.minder, GAME.minder benefits from VoiceOver technology by making the process of setting a reminder easy and accessible to anyone.

RE.minder on the App Store

Better Clock 1.2 is a universal alarm clock replacement aimed primarily at iPad. With its large display and simple interface, the addition of full VoiceOver support makes it a fantastic and well rounded accessible Alarm Clock app.

These updates are all available now on the App Store!

RE.minder 1.0 and Better Clock 1.1 available

RE.minder 1.0

We're happy to announce that RE.minder 1.0 is now available on the App Store! What could be kinder than a friendly RE.minder?  RE.minder is the new app from Handelabra studio for setting quick reminders for just about anything.

  • Need to call someone back in an hour?  Don't forget - set a RE.minder.
  • Need to take pills on a schedule? Just set a repeating RE.minder.
  • Need to switch the laundry in 20 min?  You get the idea.

RE.minder is available for free on the App Store.

Better Clock 1.1

Also available today, Better Clock 1.1.  You asked, we listened.  New in this version:

  • added option to make any alarm auto-repeat
  • added day and date displays to the clock face and options to hide
  • made warnings less obtrusive
  • added preference to automatically snooze or turn off a ringing alarm when returning from the background/lock screen
  • added preference for UI fade (duration or disable)
  • misc bug fixes

Better Clock is available on the App Store for 99¢.

Better Clock now available for iPhone - iPad soon

Handelabra Studio is happy to announce the release of Better Clock v1.0!When we heard that iOS 4.2 was going to finally bring Multi-tasking, local notifications and background audio to iPad, we set out to create a great nightstand alarm clock using the latest iOS technologies.  Is it the best clock? Maybe.  But it's definitely better.

Some of the great things that Better Clock can do:

  • Using background audio, our sleep timer lets you fall asleep to ANY app that supports playing in the background.  Like the Pandora station you created?  Start it up and set the sleep timer in Better Clock.  We'll handle the rest.
  • If you have a white noise app you like to use, the magic of background audio helps you there to.  Rather than try to build our own white noise function, we decided to just get out of the way and let you use the one you like.
  • We made Better Clock to be a nightstand clock for those of us who charge our iDevices at night but you can use it anywhere.  And if you forget to come back to Better Clock, we can still play alarms in the background.

Better Clock is available on the App Store as a universal binary for just 99¢.  You can start using it today on iPhone and iPod Touch and if you download it now, it will sitting in iTunes waiting patiently to take iOS 4.2 out for a drive on your iPad once it is released (whenever that may be).

We hope you like it!