NEW Release! STYLE.minder

The newest member of the .minder family

STYLE.minder is here to track your hair do's so you never have a hair don't!

With STYLE.minder you build a personal history of ALL your styles over time! Take photos, tag and file all of your hair styles, cuts and colors. Recreate your look at a later date or show your stylist your favorite style right on your phone!

STYLE.minder in a nutshell:

  • Snap photos of your latest style to remember what it looks like 
  • Tag your your photos with style specifics so you can easily find it in the future
  • Add notes to help you or your stylist recreate the same color and look at a later date
  • Keep a to do archive of styles in your Style File
  • Share your style files with friends or your Stylist prior to your next appointment

Whether it’s a style of yours, or someone else’s, STYLE.minder gives you one place to keep any style you like. The next time you’re in the stylist’s chair, you can just open up STYLE.minder and tell them - Make me look like this! 

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A new look and a new price!

Get the full package for RE.minder PRO+ with all the bells and whistles (and songs and quacks too) - was $8.99 NOW $7.99! Want to try before you buy? Get the basic RE.minder for FREE and upgrade when you discover that you love it!

*NEW feature* The latest update of RE.minder PRO+ allows you to easily search your history for important past RE.minders. Now you'll never be doomed to repeat history!

A must have for the any gamer - from occasional to hardcore! Keep track of upcoming game release dates so you don't forget to play!
GAME.minder is available on the web and for iPhone & Android. 

GAME.minder is always FREE!

Obama vs. Romney: Take Your Policy into the Ring

Uncle Slam Election Pack: Put up your dukes for foreign policy!

The debates are over and talk is cheap! Time to take your thoughts on foreign policy into the ring and show us how you really feel. No, you won't use horses and bayonets to battle your opponent - just some some gloves in a good old fashioned match of gentleman's boxing - election style of course! 

Download the Uncle Slam Election Pack and have your candidate box their way to higher standings on uncleslam.comThe race is tight - so invite your friends to join in and push your candidate to the top! Uncle Slam's Tip: Punch and block to power up your star then unleash your Presidential Power to earn more votes and win! 

Download the Uncle Slam Election Pack before TuesdayNovember 6, 2012, because after the votes are in, the Election Pack will be gone forever. 

Show the country you mean business! Tweet or Facebook screenshots of your best policy punches!

The Uncle Slam Election Pack is available for FREE on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Uncle Slam is a satirical, president vs. president boxing game. Pick your leader (past or present) and battle it out in the ring. Play though a campaign or go head to head. The harder you fight and the more you win, the more votes your president receives so you can unlock gloves, stages, fun facts and more. There are three presidential expansion packs to choose from or if you have a favorite, you can choose to download individual presidents.