VoiceOver comes to RE.minder, GAME.minder and Better Clock

We're happy to announce that 2011 brings with it a renewed focus on Accessibility in our most popular apps.  RE.minder, GAME.minder and Better Clock all have new versions on the App Store with full support for VoiceOver!RE.minder on the App StoreRE.minder 1.1 is a simple utility for setting visual and audible reminders on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Audible notifications are, by their very nature, accessibility tools and using VoiceOver to make the entire process more accessible to vision impaired users makes RE.minder that much more useful.

RE.minder on the App Store

GAME.minder 1.2 is an entertainment focused app which gives users the ability to follow video game release dates and be reminded when they come out. Like RE.minder, GAME.minder benefits from VoiceOver technology by making the process of setting a reminder easy and accessible to anyone.

RE.minder on the App Store

Better Clock 1.2 is a universal alarm clock replacement aimed primarily at iPad. With its large display and simple interface, the addition of full VoiceOver support makes it a fantastic and well rounded accessible Alarm Clock app.

These updates are all available now on the App Store!