StyleAssist 1.2 with Twitter now available

We're happy to announce that StyleAssist 1.2 has been approved and is now available on the app store.  There are two major new features in this version of StyleAssist:

  1. Tweet styles to your followers. We've partnered with TwitrPix to give you the ability to easily post your style photos in a tweet.  Just tap the Twitter icon, select the photo to upload, enter your tweet and you're all done.
  2. Grid view for styles. As you start to build your style journal and style file, you're going to have more and more styles to scroll through.  We've added a new grid view to make it even easier to see what styles you have stored.  Now you can view 2 styles at a time with all your sharing options just a tap away or up to 9 styles at a time for faster browsing.

In addition to these two big features we've also added the ability to move styles between your journal and the style file (just in case you save one in the wrong place) and the ability to copy any photo you take with StyleAssist.  These great new features join Facebook posting, bump-to-share, and the rest of what you love about StyleAssist.

We hope you like it!