Romney and Obama Fight for Ohio!

Swing your fists for the vote in Ohio!

Only 7 more sleeps until it's here! Election day is upon us and if you haven't pre-voted your big day still awaits - too bad Ohioans still hold the swing vote. Guess it's time to pay a visit to the Buckeye state and have your candidate win them over with some jabs and uppercuts. 

In election mode, "Jump in" and box a couple rounds increase your candidates score. After sparring your way to victory, hit the menu button and take your candidate to Ohio - ROAD TRIP!  You'll even avoid the nasty storm, until you get into the boxing ring… Finish your opponent off with a flurry of moves on the grounds of the Taft Museum, in Cincinnati, to stake your candidates claim in swing vote territory.

Uncle Slam’s Tip: Visit the Hall of Presidents from the menu scroll to learn more about your candidate.

Bonus Tip: Fight as any past president to earn votes. Spend your votes in the Hall of Presidents to unlock state gloves, stages and more.

Get it FREE before November 6, 2012 because once the election is over the Uncle Slam Election Pack will disappear!

The Uncle Slam Election Pack is available for FREE on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Uncle Slam is a satirical, president vs. president boxing game. Pick your leader (past or present) and battle it out in the ring. Play through a campaign or battle head to head. The harder you fight and the more you win, the more votes your president receives so you can unlock gloves, stages, fun facts and more. There are three presidential expansion packs to choose from or if you have a favorite, you can choose to download individual presidents.