Aeon's End selected for Indie MEGABOOTH, Plus Early Access Updates!


We are thrilled to announce that Aeon's End has been selected for the PAX West Showcase for the Indie MEGABOOTH! If you've never heard of it before, I'll let them tell you what they do:

"The Indie MEGABOOTH is a traveling showcase of passionate creators working together to bring independent games to the forefront of the gaming community and conference goers’ minds. Our mission is to give thoughtful, atypical games exposure to new audiences. Since 2011, we’ve created a network for developers and creative communities to support each other and connect these dev teams with fans, publishers, and platform holders in mutually beneficial partnerships." (Read more here.)

Hundreds of games are submitted for each showcase. While we've submitted games for consideration before, Aeon's End is the first of our titles to be selected, and we couldn't be more excited. We will be exhibiting in the Indie MINIBOOTH area on Sunday and Monday, September 1-2. If you'll be at the show, please stop by and say hi!

Visit the Aeon's End page on their site, and check out all the other games selected here.


Latest Early Access Updates

This week we updated Aeon’s End to version 0.7, adding lots of new features:

  • Interactive Tutorial: Brama has lived through a lifetime of tribulation, but is always willing to pass on her wisdom to a new generation. She guides new players in their first battle against Rageborne.

  • Play All Gems Button: There are many turns where you just want to play your gems and get to work. We've added a quick button that plays all your gems. It goes from highest cost to lowest, so if you have a Burning Opal, you'll get a chance to discard something else first.

  • Card Highlights: When you are discarding or destroying cards, they have a unique highlight effect to indicate what will happen. That should help you avoid quick mis-clicks!

There’s lots more visual updates, bug fixes and more! Head over to the Steam news page to read about them all.