OblivAeon Arrives - The Beginning of all Ends

*Note for Android players: We are investigating an issue some Android players are having with downloading Sentinels DLC. It seems to only affect ARM64 devices. Please hang tight as we get it solved! Don't delete the game from your device, the fix will be coming in an update. 

Original Post:

As of noon today, Sentinels of the Multiverse version 3.0 is winding its way through all the various stores and should become available soon, if it is not already. It's been nearly 3 years since the creation of Season 2 began, and we're now pulling into the final station. Once you've installed OblivAeon, head to our Discord to find some teammates. Several Handelabrats will be online this afternoon looking for allies to save the worlds.

OblivAeon is $11.99 when purchased standalone, and is included in Season Pass 2, still at its pre-order price of $24.99 through Monday, March 25th. If you already own Season 2, there’s nothing else to buy! The new content will be added to your game automatically once you update to version 3.0.

(OblivAeon and Season Pass 2 are available as In App Purchase on mobile. Tap “Get Expansion Packs” in the app to buy)

Remember that it can sometimes take some time for the update to appear across all stores and in all regions so if you're not seeing it yet, try to be patient. It will show up eventually!

Launch Party Tonight!

It's Tuesday, which means tonight at 7 pm is Handelabra Live on Twitch. Join John and Jeremy (and maybe some others) to celebrate this amazing milestone in Sentinels history. We'll be cracking the champagne, and playing OblivAeon to victory or defeat, no matter how long it takes. 

Still More to Come!

Just because the final expansion is shipping, that doesn’t mean we’re done. Even after you have OblivAeon, there is still more to come. For starters, there are still some variants to be discovered! You were there for the Fall of the Variants, and you returned for the Rise of the Void Guard. Stay tuned in the next month for news about the Evolution of Odd Allies! This will be an event where you will vote on your most anticipated variants, and then see who can be the first to discover them! Heroic LuminaryLifeline - Blood MageLa Comodora: Curse of the Black SpotAkash’Thriya: Spirit of the Void, and Dark Watch Harpy are still to come, and once we’ve worked our way through those (and only then) the final variant will… complete the set!


Beyond content, we still have plans to add team villain challenge modes, and challenge mode for OblivAeon (once they have been created by Christopher, of course). There will also be bug fixes that inevitably follow a launch with tens of thousands of people finding all sorts of fun interactions that we might have missed. And of course, there’s the music.

Music of the Multiverse

We know that you all love the music created by Jean-Marc as much as we in the hallowed halls of Handelabra do. We promise to have Soundtrack Volume 8 available just as soon as it’s feasible. While we don’t have a date for you just yet, you can always check out the listening party on YouTube and of course, starting now, you can hear all the new music (plus a few things we haven’t shared with you yet) in your game!

The Future of the Multiverse

It's been almost exactly 5 years since we began work on bringing Sentinels of the Multiverse to digital. It was in April 2014 that we officially started building the team to create the game. And as far as we're concerned, finally shipping the last expansion is not the end, but a new beginning. We have big plans for Sentinels in the future, but we're curious what you would like to see! Should we bring Sentinels of Earth Prime to digital? Do you want to play Sentinels on your XboxPlaystation, or Switch? Whatever happened to that idea of Story Mode? The Cauldron? Steam Workshop support? There are all sorts of places we can go, so join the conversation in our discord below to let us know what you think. But for now, thank you for all your support over the years, and get yourself into a "save the Multiverse" mindset. 

OblivAeon is finally here.