Achievement Unlocked: 110% Completion (ODD Soundtrack Now Available)

Stick a fork in One Deck Dungeon, it’s done! With this week’s release of the One Deck Dungeon video game soundtrack, we have officially delivered all content conceived, planned, promised, developed, recorded, and composed for this project, and then some! This means you can now purchase it on Steam and If you prefer to stream your music, or buy from a digital retailer, stay tuned in the coming weeks.

Music to delve by!

Music to delve by!


Of course, since we also ended up building and releasing the full expansion Forest of Shadows, there’s updated music for that as well! That soundtrack is now available via Steam and and it has also been submitted to streaming and retail sites. 


And music to slay by!

And music to slay by!

On a Sentinels note...

As OblivAeon continues to make its way to backers, so too are the digital items coming to fruition. The next item which is now available on all stores is the Digital Foil Villain Collector’s Pack (huzzah)! With this pack, every classic & team villain in the game has brand new shiny foil artwork. 

If you added a Steam key or Google Play promo code for the Digital Foil Villain Collector’s Pack to your pledge, it will appear in your BackerKit dashboard under Digital Downloads. Check your email for a notification, or visit this link to access your dashboard.

Note: When the OblivAeon expansion arrives, the pack will include foil OblivAeon and scion panels for no additional charge.

Next up on the docket is Mini-Pack 5: Void Guard. If you missed it last week, the Agents of S.T.R.E.A.M. assembled to put this hero team through their paces. Click below to watch now:

...and beyond

As Void Guard is now in testing, that can mean only one thing remains on the horizon...


Stay tuned in the coming months for info on more dev streams. Follow us on Twitch, Twitter, or Facebook or join our Discord server for notifications when we go live!