Aeon’s End now on Kickstarter!

Our next digital tabletop project is now live on Kickstarter. Aeon’s End is a cooperative deck-building game where you struggle to defend the city of Gravehold from The Nameless and their hordes using unique abilities, powerful spells, and, most importantly of all, your wits. We are excited to be working with designer Kevin Riley from Action Phase Games, as well as Indie Boards and Cards to bring Aeon’s End to Steam, with your help!

It's not hard to find players talking about how Aeon’s End and Sentinels scratch the same cooperative gameplay itch. From the designer himself: "It might not surprise you that SotM was one of the games we learned the most from when making Aeon's End." We think you'll find a lot to love in the variety and depth of Aeon’s End. Visit the campaign to try the 5-10 minute playable demo and see for yourself!

The digital version of Aeon’s End will cost $19.99 (USD), but backers can get the game for just $15. The 1.0 retail launch on Steam will include all Aeon's End base game content and features:

  • 8 playable mages, each with a unique starting card

  • 4 nemeses to defeat, each with their own mechanics

  • 27 unique player cards (gems, spells, & relics)

  • 22 general nemesis cards

  • 53 nemesis-specific cards

  • Local co-op play with 1-4 mages

  • Interactive tutorial so you can learn the game while you play

  • Brand-new music composed by Jean-Marc Giffin

  • Steam Achievements

  • Steam Cloud Saves

  • All unlocked promo cards and mages from stretch goals

The Kickstarter Edition delivered to backers at the $20 level or greater will also include the following:

  • Free digital download of the Original Soundtrack ($5 value)

  • Kickstarter Exclusive Digital Player Card Sleeves and Playmat - Alternate in-game background and card backs that show your support.

Like other deck-building games, you begin a game of Aeon’s End with a basic deck and gradually improve it with new cards as you play. Aeon's End distinguishes itself by adding several innovative mechanics. Randomized turn order simulates the chaos of battle, and deck management rules invite careful planning of every discarded card.

We’re also thrilled that for this campaign, we’re able to offer a playable demo through a great new service called SIMMER. Visit this page to try a few rounds of Aeon's End now. This is a 5-10 minute experience aimed at giving you a feel for how the game will look and play in a general way. The pre-alpha build of the game covers the first few rounds of a 2-mage game vs the Rageborne nemesis. We recommend using an up-to-date desktop browser that supports WebGL such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Enable hardware acceleration in the options for best results.