iOS Players - Now Safe to Update to 2.5

Final Update (Friday, 10:20pm Eastern)

It appears Apple has fixed the problem on their servers, and downloads are working again! We have confirmed it at Handelabra HQ along with several vigilant players online. Please go ahead and update your iOS version of Sentinels to 2.5 and re-download the expansion packs to play Villains of the Multiverse! If you were stuck on "waiting for confirmation" just re-open the game and it should begin downloading. If it doesn't, you may need to wait a bit longer as the fix may still be propagating through Apple's system. The Variant Hunt for Trickster Kismet and Fugue State Parse will begin at 10 AM Eastern on Saturday, to give iOS players a chance to hear the news and get ready.

Update #3 (Friday, 10pm Eastern)

We are now getting scattered reports of successful downloads on iOS! If you already updated to 2.5, try restoring purchases and let us know if you are getting successful downloads. Once we see that the fix seems to be working across all territories consistently, we will let you know if we consider it safe to update. Thanks!

Update #2 (Friday, 9AM Eastern)

We are in contact with Apple, and have submitted a bug report. At least 4 other companies are confirmed to be experiencing the problem, and have also submitted relevant bug reports to Apple. All there is to do now is wait for them to isolate and fix the issue. Thanks again for your patience.

Update #1:

This issue also affects new purchases. If you are attempting to take part in the summer sale, it's possible that your DLC purchase will be processed, but not downloaded. You will receive your expansion download once Apple resolves the issue.

Original Post:

Today is launch day for Villains of the Multiverse, but unfortunately, it will not go smoothly for everyone.
If you are on iOS, you should avoid updating to 2.5 for the time being, and turn off Auto-Update. We will let you know via our site, social media and email list when it is safe to do so.
Other platforms should be able to update without issue.
Several days ago we began receiving support tickets about problems with restoring purchases. The volume was low, so we processed them with our standard practices. Little did we know however that a much larger problem was causing the trouble from Apple’s side. This problem is causing the inability to restore purchases within not just Sentinels, but many apps with downloadable content hosted by Apple.
The 2.5 update brings support for Villains of the Multiverse, but it also brings updates to all DLC to support new features. As a result, the first thing users must do after updating is redownload their expansions. Since this Apple server problem prevents that, anyone who updates to version 2.5 will be unable to play anything other than the core game until Apple fixes the issue.
We have contacted Apple and we will keep you posted via our site, social media and email list as we have more information. We thank you for your patience.