PAX East Announcements: Bottom of the 9th in development, Challenge Mode and Termi-Nation released!

As you are reading this, version 2.4 of Sentinels with Challenge Mode has been released for your gaming indulgence. First off, we want to say a huge thank you to everyone that came together to unlock the stretch goal during the Season 2 campaign. We wouldn’t have been able to accomplish anything we have thus far without our unwavering community. The Challenge Mode stretch goal was reached by raising over $110,000 through a combination of Kickstarter and mobile backers, and we’re happy to finally bring it to you. You’re all stellar, and our little Handelabra hearts are grateful you believed in us.

Challenge Mode

So you think Sentinels is too easy? Now, each villain gets another “twist” to their rules, adding that extra delicious layer of strategy to spice up your Sentinels game. And for those who want add even more fire to the flames, Ultimate Mode allows you to play with both the rules from Advanced AND Challenge Mode at the same time. Grand Warlord Voss isn’t being cutesy anymore, oh no, he’s playing the top card of his deck every time he flips. Think you can show him a dose of justice? Or how about The Matriarch who has made all her domain cards indestructible? Or Spite, gaining an unlimited amount of HP? They dare you to try and stop their nefarious ploys!

For the achievement hunters out there, we’ve added two new achievements: Challenge Accepted for defeating all of the core game villains on Challenge Mode, and The Ultimate Hero for defeating all of the core game villains on Ultimate Mode.

You can find out about each challenge mode by reading the full villain cards in the New Game screen or the Multiverse. Or download the PDF made by Greater Than Games here.

Termi-Nation Variants

Just in time to help quell this new wave of villainy, Termi-Nation takes the stand! Searching for the mystery behind Chokepoint, Absolute Zero, Bunker, and Unity work together to uncover some shady business going on before it’s too late. Each hero variant also has sweet new powers to help you vanquish bad dudes:


  • Unity: Reconfigure - Destroy a Mechanical Golem, then shuffle it into your deck. Move a Mechanical Golem from your trash into play. You may draw a card.
  • Bunker: Modulize - Destroy 1 of your Ongoing or Equipment cards. If you do, draw a card, play a card, and use a power in any order.
  • Absolute Zero: Violent Shivers - Until the end of your next turn, increase all damage dealt to and by Absolute Zero by 2.

As usual, the unlock conditions for the Termi-Nation variants are waiting to be discovered by you! Remember, the first person to contact us on Facebook or Twitter with a screenshot showing their successful unlocking of a Variant earns a spot in the Hall of Fame.

Be sure to update your game to version 2.4 to access all this Sentinels goodness. On iOS and Android, re-download your expansion packs (in particular Mini-Pack 1 and Rook City, or Season Pass 1) to make sure you have the latest content.

New Business

Challenge Mode and Termi-Nation should keep you busy for a while, but you’ll be happy to know we’re also hard at work on the next part of Season 2: Villains of the Multiverse. Tune in to #SentinelsLive on Twitch every Tuesday at 7 pm Eastern and you might see some previews soon!

Oh, and one last thing…

(drumroll, please…)

… Handelabra’s taking you out to the ball game! As of today, we are publicly announcing that Bottom of the 9th from Dice Hate Me Games is our next digital tabletop game project. The baseball-themed board and dice game has been under development since the beginning of the year and we couldn’t be more thrilled to tell you about it. When will it be available for your digital tabletop collection? You’ll just have to stay tuned on that one. Head over to and join the mailing list to stay posted about how the development is going and when we’ll have a tentative release date (I would say we’re in the 4th inning currently). But for now, we leave you with this trailer to get you on board the hype train!


You can find out more about Bottom of the 9th at BoardGameGeek.