Season 2 Begins Today!

It’s Friday, September 16th which means Season 2 has officially begun!

Sales of Season Pass 2 have now begun on Google Play and the Amazon Appstore and Steam will be available around Noon Eastern! Unfortunately, iOS is temporarily delayed but we are doing our best to make it available there as soon as possible. 

Thanks to our campaign backers, Season 2 is becoming a reality. For backers, please visit this update for instructions on how to redeem your rewards.

A purchase of Season Pass 2 will get you all remaining official content for Sentinels of the Multiverse, as it becomes available. This will include:

  • Vengeance
    • Baron Blade is building a team of his own, hoping that strength in numbers could be what he needs to emerge victorious against the ever-growing collection of heroes.
  • Villains of the Multiverse
    • Following Baron Blade’s example, even more villains have put aside their petty differences to join forces against our heroes!
  • Mini-Pack 4
    • 2 Heroes join the fight, another Villain emerges, and our heroes are put on trial!
  • Void Guard (Mini-Pack 5)
    • The team previously known as “The Southwest Sentinels” have harnessed the power of OblivAeon shards and become the Void Guard!
  • OblivAeon
    • This is it. The end of the Multiverse. Can the Sentinels of the Multiverse stop the entity that seeks to destroy all that we work to protect?

Vengeance is now in heavy development and is expected to launch later this year (follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or join our mailing list for updates). But thanks to the more than 3000 backers who over-funded the Season 2 Kickstarter back in May, you don’t have to wait for Vengeance to start playing. A purchase of Season 2 right now gets you the Season 2 Preview Pack, a 3-deck Mini-Pack including:

  • Setback, the unluckiest hero who brings “a change from better to worse” from Vengeance
  • Chokepoint, the ferro-kineticist villain from Mini-Pack 4
  • The Temple of Zhu Long, a dark and mysterious environment from Villains of the Multiverse

And coming soon, we will have a new Variant to discover. Joining Expatriette, Mister Fixer, and NightMist on the Dark Watch team, meet Dark Watch Setback! As always with a new Variant, the first person to prove they’ve unlocked him will earn eternal glory in the Hall of Fame. To claim the prize, you must capture a screenshot of the moment you unlock the Variant and be the first to share it to us either via Twitter, or on our Facebook page. The Variant hunt will begin once Season Pass 2 is released for iOS. 

Season Pass 2 retails for $24.99 USD (see your store for local pricing). 

However, more than 1000 Mobile Backers stood up to be counted during the Kickstarter and Pre-Sale and in doing so unlocked a 48 hour Mobile Discount! For the first 2 days of sales, Season Pass 2 is discounted by $5 USD on mobile. Google Play and Amazon Appstore discounts are available through the end of the day Saturday, September 17th. The iOS discount will occur once Season Pass 2 is available via iTunes. Thank you mobile backers - we couldn’t have done it without you!

But even better than just a good deal, all Season Pass 2 sales on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore during the mobile discount period will be counted towards further stretch goals!

To everything, turn, turn, turn…

Now that we’re firmly into Season 2 territory, we are hard at work on the next major expansion for Sentinels of the Multiverse: Vengeance. Stay tuned for updates and previews on #SentinelsLive as we work to bring the challenge of Villain Teams to you.