Welcome to Season 2 - Vengeance Available Now!

A Taste of Vengeance

That's right, Vengeance is available now across all stores and platforms (check your store for availability)! Vengeance is the first Mega-Expansion for Sentinels of the Multiverse. It includes five heroes and two environments which can be used in any game of Sentinels. However, it also includes a completely new way to play! Team Villain Mode pits your team of heroes against a formidable team of villains. The five villains included in Vengeance are designed to be mixed and matched into teams just like the heroes.

Included in Vengeance:

Team Villains:

  • Baron Blade - Ivan Ramonat has suffered greatly at the hands of the so-called “heroes” of the Multiverse. After too many defeats, the accomplished inventor went into hiding, planning his next move. He went about gathering villains to himself from across the Multiverse… He will have his Vengeance!

  • Ermine - Cassandra Lilya grew up in the same socialite circles as Maia Montgomery. But the public life of Cassandra Lilya was merely a cover for Ermine, the greatest thief in the world. When her attempt to steal a huge diamond was interrupted by The Wraith, her identity was revealed to the world.

  • Friction - Krystal Lee was overjoyed to get accepted as an intern at the Eaken-Rubendall Research Laboratories. Working with Dr. Meredith Stinson was the greatest possible honor. But after a few months, it was clear she didn’t fit in. She broke into the "work in progress" lab area and stole several gadgets, notably a "speedsuit" prototype. After seeking our Baron Blade, he reworked her speedsuit and gave her the name Friction. Now, Friction works as a scout and speedster as part of the Vengeful Five. She will show Tachyon once and for all what she missed out on!

  • Fright Train - Tyler Vance and Steven Graves enlisted on the same day, and from the first time they met, they knew they would never be friends. After a serious injury in battle, Graves left the armed forces and found increasingly dubious work as private security, making a name for himself as a “hot gun.” One of these jobs lead to him being mechanically and chemically enhanced. He took the name “Fright Train” and was eventually recruited by Baron Blade. He has been promised vengeance against his old foe: Tyler Vance, now known as Bunker.

  • Proletariat - Aleksandr Tsarev was an exemplary Russian soldier in the mid-1940s.  In 1949, as part of a highly-classified and controlled experiment, Tsarev was exposed to cosmic radiation. His body chemistry reacted wildly, cells splitting and reproducing rapidly, tearing his cellular structure apart. With the ongoing threat of what came to be known as the Cold War, Aleksandr Tsarev was cryogenically frozen and kept in a unlisted bunker in the USSR, waiting to be deployed at the hour of their greatest need. Years later, Baron Blade unearthed records of Tsarev, and broke him free of his containment. Taking the name Proletariat, he can now be found throughout the battlefield, assaulting his opponents with numbers, skill, and fury!


  • Setback (previously included in the Season 2 Preview Pack) - People have always pitied Pete Riske for his bad luck, but he doesn't see it that way. Sometimes, things just work out. Like this medical testing he just signed up for run by someone called "Baron" something or other. He thinks this will be just the turn his luck needs.

  • Parse - Kim Howell was troubled by her Asperger’s syndrome as a child. But as she grew up, she prided herself on her ability to focus and analyze, which helped her delve deep into the Omnitron project. The same code that rewrote Omnitron upgraded Kim, and as Parse, she dissects every detail of information to combat evil.

  • K.N.Y.F.E - Previously a member of the Scottish Marines, Paige Huntly was a model recruit for The Block's Special Operations team. After over a decade around The Block, her body altered and manifested energy powers. Noticing something was amiss amongst the Multiverse, her departure from F.I.L.T.E.R. has led her on a new journey within it.

  • The Naturalist - Michael Conteh, a former oil tycoon in Africa, had been cursed by Akash'Bhuta to wander the wilderness in various animal forms for years. After several encounters with a certain red-haired musician, and a better understanding of the natural world, he fights to protect the environment and the people of the Multiverse.

  • The Sentinels - Nick Hernandez and Jackson Bravo were college friends. Jackson was always huge, and he just seemed to get even bigger and stronger throughout college. But when Nick began transforming from a normal human being to a form composed of living energy… well, those were challenging times. Eventually they crossed paths with Miranda Fischer, a child gifted with psychic powers, and Eugene Wilkenson, a desperate inventor and reformed bank robber. A few plucky happenstances later, the team of heroes known as The “Southwest” Sentinels formed, here to protect those who need it most!


  • Freedom Tower - In the heart of Megalopolis, the Freedom Tower stands as a beacon for Justice. It makes an excellent home turf for many heroes, but if it were to be overrun by villains and their minions, the results would be devastating.

  • Mobile Defense Platform - These floating structures have been one of Baron Blade’s signature Mega-Gadgets. Any civilian who spots one on the horizon knows it’s time to evacuate. Heroes should take great care before setting foot on such a structure, regardless of what villain might be aboard.

In addition to the new decks, Vengeance also has 3 new Variants for you to discover and unlock. K.N.Y.F.E. Rogue Agent, The Hunted Naturalist, and The Adamant Sentinels are out there, waiting for you to discover them. 

The Sentinels are a special case as they are a single “hero” but have multiple hero character cards. This means that, once you have unlocked the Adamant Sentinels, you can mix and match regular Sentinels with Adamant Sentinels for even more heroic team-ups!

Remember, the first person to contact us on Facebook or Twitter with a screenshot showing their successful unlocking of a Variant earns a spot in the Hall of Fame.

Other Changes

In addition to Vengeance and the new Variants, version 2.3 of Sentinels of the Multiverse also has several improvements and bug fixes:

  • Every environment in the game and expansion packs has 5 new background images to support Vengeance and provide more variety. On mobile, make sure to re-download your Season 1 expansions to see the new images.

  • Any time a card is played out of turn, you now first see the back of the card so you know what deck it belongs to.

  • Prime Wardens Captain Cosmic’s innate power can no longer be “stacked.” You may only draw or play a card if you shuffle the destroyed construct into your deck.

  • The behavior of Shinobi Assassin has been changed so it no longer cancels the draw/reveal/discard/etc that causes it to enter play from the top of a hero deck. For example, if you draw a card and Shinobi Assassin is on top of your deck, first the Assassin comes into play and then you get a card.

  • Fixed a problem where Weekly One-Shot covers could not be awarded properly when playing in multiplayer.

  • Fixed an issue in multiplayer where games could get stuck if the Team Leader disconnected.

  • Older iOS devices running on iOS 10 should now be able to hear the music again.

Happy New Year

As we have mentioned, Vengeance has been a huge project. It took us longer than any other single expansion and we are thrilled that we were able to deliver it to you ahead of the holidays. As always, if you want to stay up on the latest info from the Multiverse you can follow us on Twitter or Facebook, join our mailing list, or watch #SentinelsLive on Twitch and YouTube. And don’t forget, our Holiday Stocking Stuffer Sale is still going on through next Wednesday! Get printable Steam Keys to give that super-someone in your life this holiday Season.

Thanks again, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from all of us at Handelabra Games!