A New Team Arises - The Prime Wardens!

Here at Handelabra Games we are hard at work on the first mega-expansion of Season 2. Vengeance is still very much in progress, and we decided to make the wait a little bit easier between expansion packs. We’re happy to announce that version 2.2.3 of Sentinels of the Multiverse is launching today for all platforms. This FREE update includes support for a new team of 5 Variant heroes: the Prime Wardens.

Anthony Drake is the latest to take up the mantle of “Virtuoso of the Void.” It is the job of the Virtuoso to stand against the Spirit of Chaos herself, Akash’bhuta. But it’s not an easy task. The Argent Adept could be so much more effective with a solid team at his back… but it’s not clear that he knows it yet.

As always with new Variants, it’s up to you to hunt them down! The first person to take a screenshot of their successful unlocking of a Variant, and share it to us via Twitter or Facebook earns a coveted spot in the Hall of Fame

This time, only the Argent Adept will be available for unlocking immediately. Once someone unlocks him and claims the Hall of Fame spot, the other members of the team will become available for unlocking. Keep track at SentinelsDigital.com/primewardens to see which variants are available for unlocking, along with other info.

Remember - you must own a hero in order to use a Variant of that hero. For the Prime Wardens, that means Season Pass 1, or Infernal Relics (for the Argent Adept) and Wrath of the Cosmos (for Captain Cosmic). Fanatic, Haka, and Tempest are available in the core game. Story Challenges (a.k.a. unlock conditions) can sometimes require expansions as well. However, as with all other Variants, 30 days after they are released you can unlock them with just a button push in the New Game screen.

Keep an eye out for more Variant packs in the future - Greater Than Games have created quite a few for us to bring to the video game. As always, thanks for playing and we’ll see you out in the Multiverse!