Can you believe it’s been almost a year?

October 16th, 2015 will mark 1 year since we first released Sentinels of the Multiverse: The Video Game! To celebrate the occasion, we’re gonna be throwing a bit of a “virtual party” October 16th, 17th and 18th.

We’re doing some preparations of our own, but you can get involved and help out too! Besides marking your calendar, telling your friends, and joining the party, you can participate in some (or all) of these ways:

  1. Do you stream Sentinels of the Multiverse on Twitch, YouTube, or elsewhere? If you do, and you’re available that weekend then we want to talk to you. Get in touch here.
  2. Are you a musician? Jean-Marc has put together some sheet music for the Sentinels Theme song. Download the PDF here, (or the Finale Notepad file here) then record yourself playing the theme on whatever instrument you like. Send us an mp3/m4a of your recording and/or post it to your YouTube channel, SoundHound account, or elsewhere and send us the link. If we get enough, we’re going to cut them together into a cool anniversary video! 
    (A note from Jean-Marc: "Feel free to make the theme your own! Play it on any instrument, in any style, solo or in a band. Add lyrics and sing it if you want!”) *See Below*
  3. And speaking of anniversary video, if you’ve been watching our weekly streams (or anyone else’s), and you have a favorite moment, especially if it has a good “story” element, send it to us! Just send us a link to the video, an approximate time and a brief description of the moment. (e.g. “Voss was winning, but then Absolute Zero did 35 damage in a single turn and we won the game!”)

There will be more info coming in the weeks ahead, but we wanted to let you get started on this ahead of time. As always, the best way to keep up on what’s happening with Handelabra Games and Sentinels Digital is to follow us on Twitter or Facebook, or join our mailing list.

* If you would like to have your rendition of the theme song included in the anniversary celebration, please submit it to us no later than Monday, October 12th. *