Post PAX Post - Boston 2015 Edition

Another “spring” has sprung, and another PAX East has gone by. It’s been several years since the Boston-centered PAX show has been this early in the year which means it was not what one might call “warm” in Boston. Nevertheless, the usual seventy thousand or so excited gamers made their way to the BCEC, and the show was quite a success!

Running the Handelabra Games side of the booth was your favorite lead programmer, John. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about him, he spoke with Scott King at the Creators Cast recently. The booth was pretty much constantly busy, and tons of existing fans and new fans alike stopped by over the 3 days of the show.

A special shout out to the volunteers who helped out visitors and kept things running smoothly! Zachary, Kit, Douglas, Tiffany, Josh, Kyle, Alan, Adam, and more - great job! The entire volunteer team at the GTG booths are essential to making PAX happen and we are eternally grateful.

New fans were excited to try the game for the first time, but we know that existing fans stopped by to be among the first people to get their hands on the upcoming expansion: Rook City. The scenario we had available was a team of Rook City Wraith, Expatriette, and Mister Fixer taking on Spite on the streets of the titular Rook City. It was quite an introduction to this difficult expansion! And if you haven’t seen it yet, check out this amazing film reel we recently unearthed from the early days of Pike Industries, exciting stuff!

Blighted Streets

Work on Rook City continues at a good pace, due in no small part to the help of our intrepid alpha and beta testers. We’re on track by our internal estimates to have the content finalized and available by the end of March, but there’s no official release date just yet. The Apple app review process adds a bit of time as well, so keep in mind that may delay things a little. We’ll keep you up to date on our progress as we go.

Let’s Get Back to Playing

Our Learn to Play Sentinels live stream on returns this evening at 8 Eastern! Tune in to get a sneak peek of Rook City content. We’ll be joined by Dennis Shields (dshields), a special guest from the wonderful fan community at the Greater Than Games forums. Be sure to follow us on Twitch so you get notified every week, because we’ll have more exclusive content (and special guests) in the weeks to come!