Mini-Pack 2 is coming!

Multiplayer finally came to the Multiverse last month (on our anniversary no less!). But we know that there are some Sentinels out there who only care about one thing - more content. We didn’t forget about you, and we’re pleased to announce the next entry in Season Pass 1 is right around the corner. Expect Mini-Pack 2 to arrive next Friday, November 20th. As with Mini-Pack 1, It will be $1.99 or included in Season Pass 1.

Expansions for Sentinels of the Multiverse: The Video Game come in 2 sizes: Full Expansions and Mini-Packs. The former are thematic “boxed” expansions just like in the tabletop game. Rook City and Infernal Relics are the first 2 that we’ve released for the video game. Mini Expansions for the tabletop game are single hero, villain, or environment decks that we’ve bundled together for release in the video game into what we call “Mini-Packs” that include 1 of each.

Mini-Pack 2

If you follow our weekly live streams on Twitch, or watched our #Sentinels1Year anniversary event, you already know what’s included in Mini-Pack 2, but here’s a refresher:

  • Hero: The Scholar
    • No one really knows where John Rhodes came from. He just showed up one day in the Everglades on his houseboat. One day, his keen connection to the elements drew him to a mysterious, glowing stone. The stone allows him to twist the lines of existence, rather than just perceive them, and he can now easily transmute objects into other materials.
  • Villains: Miss Information
    • Aminia Twain proves that sometimes, the call is coming from inside the house. By day, she is a demure office worker, diligently serving the Freedom Five from their home base at Freedom Tower. But she holds a dark secret, born of a strange, multi-dimensional incident she experienced where her “friends” chose not to save her. Will you?
  • Environment: The Final Wasteland
    • What would happen to our world if it was left to the beasts? Once thought of as myths and urban legends, these monsters have inherited the earth, leaving our once fertile planet as the burned out Final Wasteland.

But wait, there’s more

That’s Mini-Pack 2 in a nutshell, but you’ve come to expect more from us, and why shouldn’t you? Also available with this release (1.6) are 2 Unlockable Variants, both heroes: The Eternal Haka and The Scholar of the Infinite. More info will be forthcoming about these 2 new Hero Variants as you all work to figure out how to unlock them!

Scholar of the Infinite Villain Turn.png
A quick note on Variant unlocking: Back when multiplayer launched, our carefully considered method for unlocking Variants was declared verboten by Apple. Moving forward, we’ve decided to simply roll with the punches and so cheat codes are going away across all platforms. Instead of posting a cheat code, there will now be a simple button to allow fast unlocking of variants 30 days after initial release. This should preserve the mad rush to figure out the story challenges for that first month, while keeping things kosher as far as Apple is concerned. We’re bummed but as the old saying goes, “There’s no use crying over a rejected App.” (That’s a saying right?)

Looking Forward… In Time

With the release of Mini-Pack 2, we’re officially more than halfway through Season Pass 1! Under development now is the next Full Expansion “Shattered Timelines”, which includes one of the hardest villains in all the many facets of the Multiverse: the oppressive Iron Legacy! Expect more info on Shattered Timelines in the coming months and then stay tuned for Wrath of the Cosmos and Mini-Pack 3.

And finally, though we’ve definitely shifted our focus way back over to the content side, we’ve still got lots of great features in the pipeline. You may have read about the Learn to Play Edition we released just a few weeks ago, aimed at getting even more people playing Sentinels, but that’s not all. Back in January, we ran a poll asking specifically what features people were waiting for before they would buy the game. There were 3 big ones at the top of the list. We knocked out the first big one last month with online Multiplayer, and we’re constantly working on the second one as you can see (ie more content). We’re now turning our eye to the third one, and while our more watchful fans can probably work out what it is, we’ll have more specific info for you soon.

Mini-Pack 2 is expected to release next Friday, November 20th across all platforms (with the usual caveat that Apple’s review process is always unpredictable) and will be available for $1.99, or as a part of Season Pass 1.