Anniversary party update

This Friday is our 1 year anniversary and Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, we’ll be celebrating with you! Here’s exactly what you need to know for this weekend.

  • Your home base for the event is

    • Everything you’ll need to know will be listed on that page including what is discounted and where to get it, a full schedule of events, as well as updates telling you how much money you’ve helped us raise for Child’s Play Charity.
  • The multiplayer update is version 1.5 and it is a FREE update for anyone who owns the game.

  • We expect the update to become available across all stores and platforms over the course of the weekend.

    • However, in our last post we mentioned that there was a tricky Unity bug that held up our submission to Apple. That bug has been been squashed (Thanks Unity!) and 1.5 has been submitted. But as you all know by now, Apple’s review process is anything but straightforward. Given current average review times on the App Store, the update is poised to be live on Friday, but we want to offer a disclaimer that it may not be. Never fear, iTunes will be participating in the discounts no matter what, and we will update the anniversary page when the update is live.
  • If you are a sharing type, tag anything with the hashtag #Sentinels1Year to make sure it’s a part of the celebration!

  • We still have some slots available for community streamers! If you want to stream the game over the course of the weekend, get in touch here

We can’t wait to celebrate with you all on October 16th, 17th and 18th. Thanks as always fellow Sentinels and we’ll see you on Friday!