Consider the Price of Victory

On New Year’s Day, we gave you some info regarding our plans for 2015 and all the wonderful Sentinels expansions you are all dying to play. Details about pricing were not yet finalized, but now here they are!

Pricing and Availability

To recap from that post, you can expect the following in 2015 (EDIT - as stated multiple times, all dates mentioned are estimates and subject to change. We have not announced firm release dates.):

  • January: Mini-Pack 1
  • March: Rook City
  • Early Summer: Infernal Relics
  • Summer: Mini-Pack 2
  • Late Summer: Shattered Timelines
  • Fall: Wrath of the Cosmos
  • Fall: Mini-Pack 3
  • Fall/Winter and into 2016: Vengeance, Villains of the Multiverse, and more?

Mini-Packs will include 3 decks and Full Expansions (Rook City, Infernal Relics, Shattered Timelines, and Wrath of the Cosmos) will contain 8 decks. So what will all this cost you?

  • Mini-Packs will be $1.99 (or local equivalent)
  • Full Expansions will be $4.99 (or local equivalent)
  • Expansion Season Pass 1 will be $19.99 (or local equivalent)
  • Vengeance and Villains of the Multiverse are TBA

If you watched the live stream on Tuesday, you know that we let slip that there will also be a Season Pass that bundles up lots of DLC in one purchase. Expansion Season Pass 1 includes, as they become available, all of the Mini-Packs and Full Expansions listed below. That’s 41 completely new decks, more than twice as much content as we shipped in the base game! We’ve structured the pricing so that when you get Expansion Season Pass 1, it’s like buying all the Full Expansions and getting the Mini-Packs for free. Here are all of the decks that come with the Season Pass:

  • Mini-Pack 1
    • Unity, Ambuscade, Silver Gulch
  • Rook City
    • Mr. Fixer, Expatriette, Spite, The Matriarch, Plague Rat, The Chairman, Rook City, Pike Industrial
  • Infernal Relics
    • The Argent Adept, NightMist, GloomWeaver, The Ennead, Akash’bhuta, Apostate, Realm of Discord, Tomb of Anubis
  • Mini-Pack 2
    • The Scholar, Miss Information, The Final Wasteland
  • Shattered Timelines
    • Omnitron-X, Chrono-Ranger, Iron Legacy, The Dreamer, Kismet, La Capitan, Time Cataclysm, The Block
  • Wrath of the Cosmos
    • Captain Cosmic, Sky-Scraper, Kaargra Warfang, Infinitor, Deadline, Progeny, Enclave of the Endlings, Dok’Thorath Capital
  • Mini-Pack 3
    • Guise, Wager Master, Omnitron IV

All the prices and options listed above will apply to all stores and platforms (Steam, iOS, and both Android Stores), and each purchase will be a “permanent purchase” based on the rules of the store you buy from. Be sure to check your store for details on features & limitations. Purchasing from one store will not provide access to the content in another store.

Revenge of the Variants

So what about Vengeance? As you’ve probably guessed from “Expansion Season Pass 1,” there will be an “Expansion Season Pass 2,” and it will begin with Vengeance. As you can probably guess from this recent announcement, it will also include Villains of the Multiverse, but that’s not all. We’ve already said too much so you’ll just have to stay tuned.

What about all those Variants like the Dark Watch, the Freedom 6, the Prime Wardens, etc? As we’ve said before, we’re committed to Variants being FREE unlockable add-ons and they will be added to the game in an ongoing manner. Stay tuned to our various social media to find out exactly what is available and when.

Music of the Multiverse

Aside from actual game content, there’s one final thing we wanted to let you know about - Sentinels of the Multiverse: The Soundtrack. We’re very proud of the music Jean-Marc has created for the game, and we’ve heard from lots of you that you’d enjoy rocking out to Multiverse Music even when you’re not playing. We're putting some final touches on it and as soon as it’s ready, we’ll be making the 13-track soundtrack for the base game available across multiple stores for $7.99.

See you in Texas!

So now you have as close to the whole story as we can give you regarding expansion content for Sentinels of the Multiverse. If you’re headed to PAX South next week, you’ll be one of the first people outside the Handelabra home office to go hands on with the new content so be sure to stop by Booth #1369 and take it for a spin!

If you can't, just remember you can always get the game at!