Sentinels of the Multiverse Steam Release

It may be 7 days till Christmas, but it’s only 4 days till “Sentinels on Steam day!” Read on for all the info you need to be ready for Monday.

Why not share this info with your friends?

Why not share this info with your friends?

Sentinels of the Multiverse will be made available worldwide on Steam at 9:00 am Pacific time (12 noon Eastern)*, Monday December 22nd and will sell for $14.99 USD (price differs by territory). The game will be available for Windows and Mac platforms initially. We plan to support Linux/SteamOS in the future. You can read about the game (or follow it on Steam) here


The Steam release includes the following features:

  • All content from the Sentinels of the Multiverse core game (Enhanced Edition):

    • 10 Heroes: Absolute Zero, Bunker, Fanatic, Haka, Legacy, Ra, Tachyon, Tempest, The Visionary, & The Wraith

    • 4 Villains: Baron Blade, Citizen Dawn, Grand Warlord Voss, & Omnitron

    • 4 Environments: Insula Primalis, Megalopolis, Ruins of Atlantis, & Wagner Mars Base

  • Several unlockable variant (promo) cards:

    • 4 variant heroes with alternate powers and backstory

    • 2 variant villains for an all new twist on the battle

    • Variants are unlockable via secret Sentinels storyline-based challenges!

  • Original music brings the Multiverse to life like you’ve never heard before. Rock out to the official Sentinels Theme Song, along with ambient tracks for each environment.

  • Beautifully rendered environment backdrops put you right in the action.

  • Brand new artwork for every Hero and Villain in the game, created by Sentinels of the Multiverse artist Adam Rebottaro himself.

  • Over 10,000 different potential battles to choose from by combining the 10 Heroes, 4 Villains, 4 Environments and 6 Variants.

It is also optimized for Mac and PC and includes the following exclusive new features we think you’re really gonna like:

  • Keyboard and mouse support - Use keyboard shortcuts for common actions and navigation, with full keyboard and controller support (play the game without touching your mouse) coming soon.

  • Multi-resolution support - the game looks pretty amazing, and runs like butter, at 2560x1440 on a 4 year old iMac.

  • Steam Platform support - A single purchase lets you play on Mac or Windows right now, and Linux/SteamOS in the future.

  • Steam Trading Cards - collect 10 exclusive character cards and craft badges to earn bragging rights and many pieces of flair for your Steam account!

  • Steam Cloud saves - Start a game on one computer and pick it up on another seamlessly.

That’s the launch list but if you’ve been paying attention since we launched on tablets in October, you know how much we hate standing still. Expect more great features to be added regularly. 

Launch Promo

In honor of the Steam launch, we’re resurrecting the Super Scientific Tachyon promotional giveaway. If you play Sentinels on the tabletop, you’re likely familiar with promo cards. These are alternate versions of Hero and Villain character cards that give you fun new ways to play the game. If you pick up Sentinels of the Multiverse for Steam on launch day, you could be eligible to receive a FREE promo card for use with the tabletop game - The Super Scientific Tachyon! 

To enter to get your free card, you’ll need to buy and play the game on launch day. On the main menu, you will see an image of Tachyon, with a large button to “Redeem Offer.” Push the button and enter your info, and you will be mailed your very own copy of the card. Supplies are limited to 1000 copies on a first come first served basis, and there’s a limit of 1 per customer. Please don’t try to enter more than once. If we detect attempted fraudulent redemptions, we reserve the right to deny them.

A note to tablet players - If you purchase another copy of the game on Steam, thank you! If you buy the game, you are eligible to receive another copy of The Super Scientific Tachyon. However, we have a limited supply of cards. If you already have a card, we ask that you give those who couldn’t participate in the tablet launch promotion the chance to get a card in this promotion. We know you understand.

See you on Monday

In case you missed it up top, the official release date and time for Sentinels of the Multiverse on steam is:

Monday, December 22nd, 9:00 am Pacific Time (Noon Eastern)*

You can find the game on Steam here. We look forward to welcoming a whole new group into the fold to help us save the Multiverse!

* This post was updated Sunday, December 21st to reflect the fact that we can’t manually launch until the Valve offices open on Monday Morning.