Red Light, Greenlight!


If there has been one complaint we’ve been hearing more often than anything else in the week since we released Sentinels of the Multiverse, it’s this: 

“Why can’t I buy the game on iTunes!” no wait, that wasn’t it (totally fixed by the way).

“Why is Amazon saying my tablet is incompatible?!” er, no (Amazon bug, we’re working on it).

Oh right, it was this:

“But what if I don’t have a tablet?”

We know that you didn’t think we were the kind of company that would say “ok, the game is out, time to relax!” If anything, we’re going to be pushing even harder than before! Which brings us to today’s announcement:

Sentinels of the Multiverse: The Video Game is coming to Steam!

For all of you PC and Mac gamers out there, we’ve heard you. Tablets are great, but they aren’t for everyone and there are lots of you that want some Sentinels goodness on your Alienwares, iMacs, Thinkpads and Macbooks. And the coolest part about it is, it’s up to you to make it happen!

I’m sure there are lots of Greenlight veterans out there who know how it works, but if you don’t here’s a quick primer-

  1. If you want to see the game available on Steam, just vote for it
  2. With enough upvotes, Steam will make the game available
  3. There is no step 3

So that’s pretty cool right? Tell your friends and help spread the word. If we get enough votes to get on Steam, we can have a version ready for you to play before the end of the year!

Not a bad way to celebrate being out for a week, eh Handelabranauts?

Promos and Expansions

A very close second in the request department has been a timeline for Promo Characters and Expansion packs. 

Remember up above where I said we are pushing even harder than before?


In the promo department, we’re hard at work on the first big update to the game right now. While some of the team are headed to Columbus and Australia this coming week to spread the Sentinels Gospel, the rest of the team is still hard at work and we’re hoping to have a 1.1 update out in just a few short weeks. Among several other banner features (stay tuned), this update will include 6 unlockable promos!

For the uninitiated, a promo character in Sentinels of the Multiverse is an alternate version of or a hero or villain that uses the same deck, but a different character card. This includes a different innate power (in the case of heroes) and entirely different story and gameplay (in the case of villains). Getting at these won’t be as simple as just selecting them though, you’ll have to figure out how to unlock them on your own.


Unlike Promos, Expansions are entirely new Heroes, Villains and Environments.

Our initial plan was to have the first expansion content available to show you some time in January of this coming year. Well in light of the Steam announcement above, I’m sorry to say…

That hasn’t changed at all! 

That’s right, we’re still planning to have something to show you in the expansion department in January, despite moving the PC/Mac release up to this year. We’ll be pushing pretty hard to get it all done, but we know you appreciate it. How do we know? Because you’ve been telling us all over the place!

Whether at Board Game Geek, TouchArcade, our forum, the Greater Than Games forum, Twitter, Facebook, or wherever else, you’ve been just about the greatest group of fans we could have asked for - THANK YOU!

One final note, the Super Scientific Tachyon promotion has ended. Thank you to everyone who signed up! We'll be confirming the submissions as soon as we can, and likely beginning the mailing process shortly after returning from Australia on November 3rd.

We’ll let you get back to saving the Multiverse now, just don’t forget to vote for us on Steam Greenlight first!