Further Details on the October 16th Release of SotM

***Release date has moved up to October 15th! More details here***

Can you believe that the release of Sentinels of the Multiverse: The Video Game is next week? That came up quick! 

We wanted to let you know a few more details about the release of the game, so this post will tell you when it’s coming out, how to get it, and where to get your Super Scientific Tachyon card.

Time Traveling 


We are an international company and want to make sure that our exact time of release works for as many people all around the world as possible. For that reason, our release date will be slightly unorthodox. We want to release simultaneously worldwide, which means we’ll be making the game live at 12:00 noon UTC on October 16th to give everyone an equal chance to redeem a promo.

The game will be available via the iTunes App Store, Google Play, and the Amazon Appstore for Android. And we will be releasing it to all 3 app stores at the same time. The “Release Now” button will be pushed at the following local times:

Los Angeles (PDT): 10/16/2014 5:00 AM
Cleveland (EDT): 10/16/2014 8:00 AM
Halifax (ADT):10/16/2014 9:00 AM
London (BST): 10/16/2014 1:00 PM
Melbourne (AEDT): 10/17/2014 11:00 PM

(If your timezone isn’t in this list, you can check for it here.)

That being said, it can sometimes take some time (up to several hours) for apps to show up available for purchase (see below). For that reason, we will be posting direct links on our blog and on all of our social media once we have confirmation the game is available. (Might be a good idea to follow one now.) We’ll also be posting throughout the day to keep you updated.

Pushing the Limits

Once you have the game, you will see a large, unmissable, in-game link on the left side of the main menu that will looks something like this. This link explicitly mentions the free promo card and takes you to a form that you can use to submit your information and redeem your copy.

Only one copy is available per individual purchase of the game. Don’t try to redeem multiple copies! Any attempts at this kind of fraud may result in not receiving any copies at all. We want it to be as fair as possible, so doubling up isn’t cool!

We will make every effort to close the form and make sure everyone knows once supplies are exhausted. There is a possibility that you may complete the form after supplies are exhausted; in that case, you may not receive a copy of the promo card. We know, it’s a bummer. But we’ll try to make sure that doesn’t happen!

We expect to mail the cards within 6-8 weeks of launch via regular mail. We will send an email confirmation to the email address you submit when they are on their way to you.

Dying for your approval

Just one final note - as we all know by now, the iTunes App Store can be a fickle mistress. The game has been submitted and is awaiting approval as we speak, but we can’t control the review process. Worst case: if the game is rejected or if the review process takes too long, it is possible the release date could change.

Keep an eye on all our social media including Facebook, Twitter, Blog, and Google Plus for updates. If you’re following us on any of those, you’ll always be aware of what’s going on with the game and with the promo. If you’re not, then what are you waiting for?

Until next time, Handelabranauts!


More about app store availability:

iTunes/iOS: We've seen it take up to an hour for an app to appear on the app store from the time we push "publish". It usually takes even longer for it to show up in search.
Google Play: Their documentation says "up to 24 hours" but in our experience it typically takes under 2 hours from the beginning of the process.
Amazon App Store: Their documentation says "not less than one hour" from when we begin the publishing process.