One Deck Dungeon Soundtrack


One Deck Dungeon Soundtrack


Get the music from One Deck Dungeon and relive those dank moments anytime, anywhere! Full track list:

  1. Main Theme

  2. Dragon's Cave (Encounter)

  3. Hydra's Reef (Encounter)

  4. Yeti's Cavern (Encounter)

  5. Minotaur's Maze (Encounter)

  6. Lich's Tomb (Encounter)

  7. Phoenix's Den (Encounter)

  8. Cinder Plains (Encounter)

  9. Boss Battle

  10. Dragon's Cave (Hallway)

  11. Hydra's Reef (Hallway)

  12. Yeti's Cavern (Hallway)

  13. Minotaur's Maze (Hallway)

  14. Lich's Tomb (Hallway)

  15. Phoenix's Den (Hallway)

  16. Cinder Plains (Hallway)

  17. Victory Fanfare

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